Zane frame drops: is this a thing?

I am new to playing Zane. I have played all the other VH. I have on occasion experienced frame drops on all VH despite having a pretty beefy PC but since playing Zane I am getting consistent and really debilitating frame drops. Like down to under 10 FPS at times which means my screen is basically frozen for a second or two before it recovers. This is bordering on unplayable. Is there something inherent about Zane that makes FPS drops worse with him?

He’s the only one to have crashed my game, so there’s something there. What I found with that (during the Cartel event after Mayhem 2.0) is that it’s pretty easy with Zane to stack multiple vfx that hit the graphics pipeline hard. When I was crashing, I had Drone with shock chaining, an Electric Banjo, one of the infused enemy modifiers, an impaler shield, and Clone with a pretty whack Hex grenade mod. It was all a bit too much for my original XB1. I’ve played around a bit since then and found a good compromise that doesn’t adversely affect my gaming experience with Zane.

Tl;dr: take a look at all aspects of your loadout, build, and modifiers, and see if there’s some things you can tweak a bit.

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