Zane grenade counter, regen and Boom. Enhance

I was wondering if there has been any word on showing grenade counter for Zane when he has two action skills equipped.
Not being able to see how many grenades Zane has available between Duct Tape Mod, Boom. Enhance. and Pocket Full of Grenades really turns me off the character.

Couldn’t find a lot of good information. Between “just open inventory” (which completely breaks the flow of a battle) and the wrongful: “skills that use grenades dont come out of your grenade inventory. So the counter doesnt matter” there aren’t a lot of solutions around.
I was hoping a counter would be patched in, but that didn’t happen so far.

It surprised me that there weren’t many threads or any discussion about this. I find to be a really serious issue with the character (and it made me restart the game as a different class)

Does anyone else feel the same? Is this something Gearbox is aware of and just don’t consider an issue? Oversight maybe?

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Yes i agree, would be nice qol for zane to have a separate counter.
Its not mandatory tho. If you use GM and pfog (1 point is enough), you will almost ever have max grenades, even with BE and dtm, which are the only skills to actually consume your nades.
Dtm is a bad skill anyway so i just stopped worrying about the grenade count.

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Ductapemod is the only one that consumes ammo I believe, but it’s also generally not considered a good point investment I believe.

Between STNL and Clone throwing free grenades, you really won’t run out any time soon.

And if a Boom enhance build is what your going for, Ductapemod is counterproductive and Pocketfullofgrenades a must pick, which can easily keep your grenades up between skillactivation.

But, I get that people should get to play how they want. If you really want to go for Boom enhance, ducttapemod and no pfog, it would be nice to have a counter.

Boom. Enhance consumes up to 3 at a time.

I honestly cannot imagine why you find this to be such a serious issue. Just put one point in Pocket Full of Grenades and you won’t run out, even before Seein Dead it was this easy.

I get that it’s a little annoying, but enough to not play the character? That baffles me.


Honestly? Considering DTM and Boom Enhance are chance based and relatively automatic, I don’t see any reason to need a counter even if you don’t run Pocketful.

DTM will make up a grenade if it activates with no grenades. So I’ve been told. There’s no real manual way to get grenades other then to just open chests to find them.

I can’t think of any situation where knowing where my grenade count was would have changed anything I did?

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Yeah, that would be nice. I mean, provided you have a few points in pocket full of grenades the answer to “how many grenades do I have” will always be “enough”, particularily if you are using his DLC classmod, but yeah, it would still be something I’d like to have.