Zane High Noon Maggie cryo build

This build has some of the same raw ingredients of the now popular Zane cryo build but differs in that it leans into just one gun, The Maggie, and one action skill.

The name of the build is a homage to High Noon, a 1952 movie staring Gary Cooper, about a Marshall of a small town who finds himself alone and has to single-handedly face down a train full of bandits. So since the game-play/showcase of the build takes place in the Slaughter Shaft, where I’m alone and there are actual train tracks and bandits, High Noon seemed like an appropriate title.

Warning! I’m not a content creator so there is no editing. It’s just me and Shadowplay. The information is broken down into two videos. The first is a breakdown of the build and the second is a raw unedited Slaughter Shaft showcase of the build with live commentary. But don’t expect to be entertained because I’m not that funny.

Part I:

Part II: