Zane in my point of view

I think the changes that have been made are actually great, I for once have no complaints in regards to his “fix” and hopefully he stays this way. His new kit KILLS, I haven’t had this much fun since BL2 and for me that’s saying something. Keep it up GearBox, I see good things.


I agree with you so here is a poem to celebrate! :partying_face:


I think most of the Zane changes have been good. But his green tree is still pretty poor unfortunately. And some of his class mods are still quite bad even after being buffed/changed (Techspert), while others weren’t adjusted at all even though they needed it. So I’d like to see a little more, but I appreciate what has been done for the most part.

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Yes, fantastic adjustments to Zane thus far. With some significant buffs to the green tree (cryo damage, cryo efficency, damage against frozen targets, fixes to Distributed Denial, gun damage to general damage on capstone and overhaul of Nerves of Steel) and buffs to more of his class mods (Cold Warrior, Techspert, true crits on Hustler), I’d say he’ll be good for a while.


yeah man sure as hell i enjoy killing everything ad 0.0000 milliseconds that is the fun!

yeah hard disagree character that takes no amount of thought process to obliterate endgame content is not my definition of fun and having a blast. trash job gearbox.

also nice to see vanilla content owners shafted lol that is all good as well

you sound like a player who never used anything but bee shield honestly. i know i am jumping to assumptions but i get the vibe the pimper ahab vibe

Zane didn’t get fixed. He got a new skill tree behind a paywall. He still has broken skills, awful capstones (except double barrel) green tree is a complete joke, vanilla class mods are still garbage synergies between skills are just awful… Is dead in the water when in FFYL and still is completely reliant on kill skills. On-top of that they broke his best annoints with bugs. They only thing they gave Zane was an ability to use the ASE annoints reliable… something the other characters have had since day one … Zane got paywall improved, not fixed.


let’s be fair zane is god of ase and ASS now not even rakk fl4k touches it and zane is still the best at action skill active urad like whatever anoints you want he has it covered. you can even set him up to be consec hits user

ASE and ASS only with Mantis behind dlc paywall (this is the same as seeing dead behind DLC1 paywall)

ASA is broken… you switch weapons and it’s gone until you activate again which Zane doesn’t do. Also bonuses for ASA are awful compared to ASE. (Zane doesn’t need more gun damage he needs other modifiers)

They also broke sntnl cryo not keeping its effect on as well as 60/70 with barrier is broken.

Zane is the best paywall character… Without he is the worst… hence they haven’t fixed Zane at all… their Zane design is awful… It could be so much better if they just fixed his crap instead of adding on. Hell the community asked for Crit bonuses in the green tree to make it actually worth specing into… They put that all in the green tree and left the green tree to die and go completely obsolete


Talk about a pretentious statement. Someone comments on having fun in a fashion I don’t? Better imply they are a glitch exploiter without any proof.

As for the actual substance is Zane comedically strong right now sure. But braindead that still goes to Amara or Moze first.

For Amara just put 1 point into sustainment and unless you can’t hit the broad side of a barn you can’t die. Heck 1 point in infusion let’s you even use traditional Jakobs guns for this job. Yeah yeah you can just skip the red tree but self gimping isn’t a sign of genius.

Moze hop into Iron Bear point and obliterate. I have yet to see a Bear go down without a lack of situational awareness of barrels since the uber hotfix. Want easy ASE anointments instead? Just wait a whopping 2 seconds for the hop out animation.

At least with Zane you have to run and aim for the best of several skills and can actually get clever with the clone and dome options.


I don’t mind getting new stuff that solves certain issues and create new possibilities as a paid DLC. After all the game needs the income in order to successfully continue. However addressing existing issues is also very important to me and in this regard GB should imo shift their priorities more towards fixing critical issues. Broken character or its skills is something that matters a lot. I actually quit the game a year ago because I was discouraged by the fact that very few skills on Zane worked properly. I returned back to try new DLCs and I’m actually having fun but guess what? Some of Zane’s skills are still broken! This is so inconvenient.

Anyway they’ve made some great improvements to Zane for sure.
But the green tree still doesn’t have much to offer and the last change really was a joke.
Now purple tree has a skill that alone provides the majority of Zane’s weapon damage increase. That doesn’t sounds right.
And useless class mods are still useless even after rework.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t mind supporting game as long as I like it. But all the issues often make me think about quitting the game entirely because of the impression that the company doesn’t care about their game.