Zane+ION Easily clear M4 content in a slightly less boring way

So recently I posted a Scourge build I called ‘Zanefleeting’ which took no effort to skate through M4 content. I found it insanely boring though effective.

While away on holidays I had a dream about BL3, it was short and sweet and what it featured was 1-hitting a sizeable group of enemies at once with an ION Cannon. When I woke up I had the idea to find a COM or Artifact that would give +splash radius. When I got back I acquired such a com and got real lucky to also get +splash dmg, I was hoping I would have a Cutpurse with +radius but no luck there. Turns out though +28% splash radius is enough to turn the ‘single target ION’ into a very effective AOE weapon.

I find this to be a lot more fun to play then the Scourge build, while still being nearly as easy and just as effective.

Here is the video showing the build and a run through M4 Slaughter Shaft.

Here is a clip showing a somewhat messy kill of Wotan M4 using the build. The Wotan kill is messy but the Takedown run was simple and uneventful save for 1-shotting Kraken.


Very similar to what I use except I use 3/3 Praemunitus(for Ion+ if I want to switch to guns and take off easy mode lol) and only 2/5 Borrowed time(enough for what I do).

Been godrollin with this one:

Cutpurse also has +17% launcher dmg and +splash (suffix sucks)
The +54% charge speed makes Ion almost full auto, the torgue speed you’d think the scourage needs time to build, but it actually accelerates the phases and can hit faster enemies.


Weapon charge speed affects ion? Any proof / test? I always assumed it was a Maliwan thing

Ion is a charge weapon. You can see a night/day difference with and without charge speed on how fast you can fire it.

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This build is def more fun than the Scourge one–it at least requires aiming at mobs, rather than just shooting the air. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it!

Also gives good incentive to look for +splash radius and +charge gear, which I actually don’t have a lot of. If I can dig some up, I might give this a shot.

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Yeah it would be great to get a Cutpurse with splash damage and charge speed to go along with that com I have for this build, would really round it out nicely.

Are you PSN?

Nope PC :frowning: