Zane kill skill bug

Zanes kill skills randomly dont activate upon skills some will some wont and they alternate every time is anyone else having this problem

yes I’m also having this issue except its not that they alternate for me but instead my skill kill skills activate except for “salvation” perk which is my most valued skill, at least in this build >:(

Still bugged for me as well on PS4. Been playing Zane as my main, up to level 44 and couldn’t figure out why I keep getting my ass kicked in proving grounds or on TVHM. Started watching closer and realized none of my kill skills were activating. Tried repeccing, tried only using kill skills from the Hitman tree, they’re all sporadic at best. Sometimes they work, usually they don’t, they don’t all ever work at once. Hoping its fixed soon. Feel like I just need to main Fl4k or Moze instead and wait for Zane to come around later.

I just started playing Zane after the Jackpot DLC. Sometimes my kill skills do not all activate. Usually salvation is the one that does not activate, but it’s not always the same. Fixed it once by loading another VH then quitting to desktop, then reloading Zane. That worked for a few hours then the bug came back.