Zane kill skills not working properly? (Still?!)

I have noticed, after the most recent update (2/28/20), that my Zane’s kill skills are NEVER ALL active. One skill in particular (playing dirty) is constantly resetting rather than stacking and often not activating at all! WHY IS THIS?! Please help!

Playing Dirty (PD) doesn’t stack and insofar as it not activating at all there are the following considerations:

  • With skill points and class mod do you have PD at >= 100%?
  • How are your kill skills being activated?
    • If they are being activated by actual kills AND PD is >= 100% THEN it will always activate.
    • If they are being activated by the Seein’ Dead class mod THEN there is no guarantee that PD will always proc because it’s a kill skill after all and the com does NOT guarantee 100% activation of kill skills. But! If PD is >= 100% THEN whenever the com’s legendary effect is triggered then PD will activate.

Playing Dirty is actually a little goofy. So. While the card says “next five shots have a chance to have an added bullet” what it ACTUALLY does is more like

There is a chance for playing dirty to activate.

When it activates, the next five shots WILL do an added bullet.

So when you see that icon? Those five shots are all getting the bullet.

If you’re running seeing dead, what you’re seeing is the skill reproccing and letting you have five bonus bullet shots.

It doesn’t stack. You just get a new Start to the five.


Thank you! As you guessed, I’m using the “seeing dead”. So if I understand; because of the randomness of the proc, the skill could be potentially reset whenever i meet the criteria? (in this case just damage)

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You’re a boss! Thanks again for the info! You’d think this topic would be more easily searchable…

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Just to chime in, this is why the 7/5 spec with COM is recommended. With Seein’ Dead that will net you a 105% chance. So you’ll always get something, WHEN it procs. I was watching my “shots” go up and down as I fired. It would proc and reset to 5, I’d shoot twice, so it’s 3, then once more, oh proc’d back up to 5.