Zane level 30 builds with Seein' Dead

I originally focused on Under Cover to get CCC, but just picked up a Seein’ Dead mod, so I’m pretty sure it’s time to respec.

I haven’t found much info however on early level builds, so if someone could point me that way, or offer some general tips, that would be great.

The mod is +1 Violent Violence, +2 Playing Dirty, +2 Donnybrook
Spread over two skill trees, so not sure how to best utilize this.

Note also that I’m not a high-skill player, and as such, normally a bit more cautious. But willing to open things up a bit and try to learn.

This is what I started with:

there are no builds as long as you have that com there is no brain cells needed wherever you put your skill points it will do just fine, your tree is ok you do not need to change a single thing

This is the drone and dome build I use, it is a lot of fun but does not use grenades though using points that I dropped into borrowed time in duct tape mod and drone delivery would allow use.

Yes it’s a L53 build but you can see where the points can go as you level up and it is FUN! to use with the Seein Dead Com. The one I use (Not shown in build) adds 3 points in Donnybrook, 2 points in Playing Dirty and has passives of:
+25% weapon dmg
+31% Pistol dmg
+31% SMG dmg

Thank you for the notes. After a few more levels, I had enough points to reach Good Misfortune, so I moved all of my points out of the green tree for now. I’ll eventually want those points back, but I’m having fun playing with the more offensive build.

Also spent some time farming an AR with the 100% cryo bonus from Crazy Earl’s vendor. That and a Masher are doing some wild damage now.

I occasionally get in trouble if I go down and SNTNL is not already out, but otherwise seem to have plenty of firepower to get out of FFYL.

The big difference, is that while there’s technically some added risk from the more aggressive play (compared to my normal, more cautious style), that’s largely mitigated by Salvation’s life steal and overall damage increases. Whereas when I got in trouble before, and that did happen, I was less prepared to get out of it.

Yup when your build is complete you will be popping abilities and looking for the big groups to wade into. I tended not to tank in my play but using builds like this changed that and it’s fun.