Zane M4 True Takedown speedrun in under 8 min

Exact time from “Takedown Start” to “Takedown Confirmed” is 7:51.

The gear setup (shown at 8:20) is pretty much the standard meta:

  • Radiation Redistributor, Shock/Corrosive Cutsman, and Corrosive Dictator. All with +100% Sentinel Cryo anoint
  • It’s Piss with +25% damage on grenade throw anoint
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush with good passives.
  • Seein’ Dead COM with good passives (weapon charge speed is actually very nice for the Cutsman).
  • Lvl 1 Stop Gap w/double Vagabond (+movement speed while shield is full), and anoint +15% movement speed w/ Sentinel active. Disclaimer: Since this is a shield full effect, it does NOT stack like “depleted” effects do. I’m simply using a low level here because Static Field can keep it topped off more often, giving me survivability and movement speed while full. It is (arguably) somewhat exploitative to use a Lvl 1 Stop Gap, but imo is not using any glitches or malfunctioning mechanics. In the end, it only offers a marginal improvement in run time over a Transformer or any other shield. But since this is a speedrun, I decided to use it.

For the build, I opted to skip the green tree and grab Seein’ Red and Supersonic Man in the other two trees.

Nice run, but shield exploit is huge.


Eh, I disagree. Imo, it’s no different than using Terror ammo regen with a Lucky 7 to keep the best rolls going. Or a Facepuncher /Cutpurse w/ Clone to keep your Ion Cannon topped off. Or Tediore chucking with a Facepuncher and Cutpurse. These are all examples of things that individually are working as intended, but their synergies were likely unforeseen.

My Stop Gap is working exactly as stated on the item card, and none of the buffs are stacking. Everything is working as intended, even if the synergy between Static Field and low level shields might have been overlooked. Again, this is a speedrun, I’m not against using somewhat cheesy tactics as long as they’re not straight up abusing glitches (like effect stacking or crit swapping).

But you are pretty much immortal and that makes a different in speedrunning. You don’t need to care to staying alive.


Well, Static Field isn’t exactly reliable as it relies on your Sentinel AI working properly, targeting a shielded enemy, and properly proccing the effect. I’ve had it fail on me many times, even when Sentinel is targeting a shielded enemy.

And even without the Stop Gap, in the speedrun it makes very little difference survivability-wise since Zane has his Barrier and is putting out so much damage, with life steal from Salvation. Pretty much the only reason I use this Stop Gap is for the movement speed.

Here’s an 8:42 run where I used the Transformer. I play exactly the same playstyle, and only enter FFYL during the very last phase of the Wotan fight, where my Static Field/Stop Gap wouldn’t have helped anyway.

I decided, since this is a speedrun, I wouldn’t arbitrarily exclude certain (properly working) items or combos because they’re “too good”.

Well Stopgap doesn’t naturally drop at level 1 (impossible without exploit) so, it doesn’t qualify in that department. Otherwise you are right the Zane build doesn’t need it.

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That’s definitely a valid thought. You might consider it an exploit to use Co-op/split screen or the lost loot machine to get a low level Stop Gap. I personally don’t think those methods disqualify it from being a “legit” item, but I can understand why someone would.

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Since people had an issue with the shield, here’s a sub-8 min run without a Lvl 1 shield.

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