Zane - Maliwan Weapon Charge Time

Is there any way to increase this, some weapons (Cutsman / Projectile Reccursor) seem to take ages to charge. I don’t remember experiencing this when I first tried Zane shortly after launch.

Granted, I have been playing as siren for the past month, and I know she has good synergy with maliwan weapons, at least the charge time on the Cutsman etc was almost instant.

Is Zane just poor with charging weapons ?

3 classes don’t have a charge speed skill in their trees, but class mods can come with a +54% charge speed stat.

Edit: Forgot to mention that Maliwan weapons can also roll with some charge speed.

Thanks, I only noticed when a reccusor dropped and it took about five second for each fire, the cutsman a little less.

I was hoping there would be an artifact or class mod that will boost this, will keep an eye out.

I agree, it does seem the Cutsman got worse, i have used it since day one. I have noticed it get worse. but this mod i recently farmed really made it far better. You just need something like this buddy -


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That’s just what I was looking for. Will keep farming until I see it. Many thanks.

@gokpok Actually Amara does have a talent to increase the charge speed. It’s called From Rest. Increase charge speed by 44% at 3/3.

Thanks for the notice. I will correct my post.

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Am I the only one that finds the way gear box worded charge times wierd +45% charge time hmm not good -45% charge time oh sweet reduced charge time lol

It says +charge speed, same as -charge times, but yea, they could have just went that way, same outcome