Zane: Master Class Mod List

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CMOD Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Agent Ready for Action Synchronicity Violent Momentum
Deceiver Donnybrook Trick of the Light Praemunitus
Disruptor Violent Speed Violent Momentum Violent Violence
Freedom Fighter Adrenaline Duct Tape Mod Praemunitus
Gadgeteer Adrenaline Borrowed Time Ready for Action
Rabble Rouser Good Misfortune Playing Dirty Synchronicity
Radical Best Served Cold Cold Bore Cool Hand
Ringleader Best Served Cold Brain Freeze Refreshment
Ruffian Hearty Stock Playing Dirty Ready for Action
Troublemaker Donnybrook Playing Dirty Salvation

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Legendary Cold Warrior
Whenever Zane freezes an enemy a random status effect is applied to them instantly.
Skills: Synchronicity, Trick of the Light, Ready for Action.
Legendary Executor
Kill Skill: Whenever Zane kills an enemy he gains increased Accuracy, Handling, Critical Hit Damage, Status Effect Damage, and Status Effect Chance.
Skills: Good Misfortune, Playing Dirty, Violent Violence.
Legendary Infiltrator
Zane’s Weapon Damage and Movement Speed are increased. The lower his shield, the greater the bonus.
Skills: Violent Momentum, Supersonic Man, Like A Ghost
Legendary Shockerator
Grants Zane’s Digi-Clone the Binary System Augment. Whenever Zane’s clone receives melee damage it creates a shock nova around it.
Skills: Duct Tape Mod, Pocket Full of Grenades, Best Served Cold.
Legendary Techspert
Kill Skill: +5% chance on kill to recharge SNTNL Cooldown and Duration.
Skills: Rise to the Occasion, Ready for Action, Really Expensive Jacket.

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NB: original Post copy/pasted below

Hi all,

Being a Zane main with the main Zane (err… Zain? Mane? Whatever), I’ve been collecting class mod info with a view to piecing together builds. The list below is ordered alphabetically by mod name. Standard mods are listed first, legendary mods in a separate section at the end. I’ve included the ‘special’ skill details (in italics) for legendary mods too.

Apologies that the formatting isn’t very pretty, but I might look into that after I’ve posted the raw info. If you have any info to add, comments, suggestions, or (gasp) corrections, by all means fire away!

EDIT: Updated to fix typos and add some pretty colours.

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Great work mate. The search for death follows close com is on xd

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Thanks mate, hopefully people find the info useful as we figure out what’s available.

Pretty sure there are more varieties out there, and hopefully one of them is for Death Follows Close… :wink:

here is a curious question are passives full randomized? or like bl2 set coms have set randomized passives. for example trouble maker or rouser can both spawn with +5 playing dirty, if so and if all passives were randomized you could have literally same com with different names.

Having looked at quite a few CMODs now, it does seem that the various passive buffs (eg. ‘pistol damage’) can be found across all sorts. Maybe they’re weighted more heavily for some than others, but they do seem pretty random to me?

If you mean the skill bonuses, I guess it’s possible two lower level CMODs could have the same skill(s) too?

EG. I mean, a white level BL2 ‘Killer’ CMOD (for Zero) could have a skill buff to just ‘Killer’, as could a white level ‘Professional’, I think?

As you say, if skills are shared, and passives fully randomised from a global pool, you could indeed end up with two identical CMODs (just with different names).

yes but they would have different passives in bl2. but in bl3 i have not seen that pattern yet.

so yes you got me right -)) it would make no sense to have identical coms with different names, therefore we might hope that a set of passives is assigned to a com. so we can hunt down a particular one. lets say if i want pistol dmg and troublemaker has it in it’s randomizer i could hunt that and maybe it never gets sniper buff but the rouser does so i could fit my class mods with both +5 in playing dirty but one for monocle and other for unforgiven or whatever i might use.

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Me neither. More research is required, but anecdotally, it does seem that the passives come from a random global pool of some sort.

Edited to add: Totally hearing you on that second paragraph too. If CMODs had a limited pool of passives by type, it would make farming/finding them much easier. :+1:

Also, There’s another one
Ready for Action, Adrenaline, Borrowed Time

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Awesome! Thanks mate. I’ll add that in shortly.

Appreciate the heads up and info. :slight_smile:

Edit: Added!

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I’d really like to compile some COMs to generate a comprehensive overview of all skill buffs and their impact on the class mod title, do you intend the same with that post?

Eventually, yes. Adding prefix information, and possibly CMOD specific passives (if they exist) would be the aim, hopefully formatted up in an easy to digest table of some sort.

It’d be great to have a comprehensive Zane CMOD resource in here.

At this stage however, it’s still an information gathering exercise. I’m doing that manually, in-game (as opposed to any sort of game file analysis), so it’s likely to be a bit slow I’m afraid.

If people contribute information, I’m more than happy to add it though.

Hey man, maybe you mis it, but in my previous post I also quoted you adding some missing skills to coms you already listed :slight_smile:

Either way, looking forward to this little project. I remember getting great info from such a post for BL2.

Let me know if you need any help, like pictures of coms or something

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Ahh… I did miss it sorry!

I’m blaming all the skag blood that keeps gunking up this ECHO screen, but my reading comprehension probably needs some work right now too. :joy:

I’ll add those extra bits in shortly at any rate. Thanks so much for your time, and the gentle bump to point out what I missed. Very much appreciate the offer to help also, you’re a superstar!

At this stage, I’m thinking the loose process for building this thread will go something like this:

  1. Confirm/add all of Zane’s CMODs and related skills
  2. Determine and add relevant prefixes
  3. Ascertain if any passives are CMOD specific
  4. Add passive details for each mod if applicable
  5. Add CMOD images if it doesn’t make the OP too long and/or awkward to read the info.

When I next get a moment, I’ll see about collating what we have now into a table format of some sort, leaving spaces for the missing information. :+1:

EDIT: Those changes have now been added. That is again!

Legendary Techspert third skill can be: Really Expensive Jacket, wich in that case, eliminates status effect duration? :open_mouth:

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Wow… Okay. So with 100% reduction, I assume that would mean Zane couldn’t be frozen, and lose any movement speed buffs as a result? Not to mention avoiding the other status effects too. Interesting…

Thanks very much for the info @Sinter! I’ve added it to the main post now too. :blush:

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It’s 67% reduction with 2 points

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Ahh. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t expecting the buff to be scaled with diminishing returns like that.

67% is great, but quite a different prospect to ‘guaranteed’ immunity.

Wonder if you can hit 100% with the enough bonus skill points?

Does anyone know if legendary cold warrior can roll with +5 Synchrocity?

I’m not sure on this, but the only legendary CMODs I’ve seen to date all have at least two skills, and a total of 5 skill point buffs.

I already have one with +4 which is a 36% buff for every skill I have out. I honestly believe its the best mod available overall.

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