Zane: Master Class Mod List

Nice! So thats a Legendary Cold Warrior with two skills, and the other skill is a +1?

Yes. The other is a +1,

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I have also seen 4+1’s, 2+2+1’s 3+1+1’s, but never a 5.

With enough data we can probably discover the prefixed in relation to the skillpoint distribution/added buffs.

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Agreed. Shouldn’t be too hard to do either, once we know what we’re working with.

As it stands, our list has ten different CMODs, and five different Legendary CMODs. I’m wondering if 10/5 is about the sum total for each class right now?

Seems like it could well be, as I haven’t spotted a new variety for a good while now. How about you people?

+5 exists i had it and it is confirmed many times.

i also had one that boosts allmighty orderance so theoretically all augments and capstones might have a com boosting it to +1 value

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Ahh! Very cool on all counts.

Curious though: was the +5 a Legendary CMOD?

it is just rng mate, every com should have +5 variation on any of the 3 skills it boosts.

I’m hearing you.

If BL3 is anything like BL2 though, I don’t think Legendaries had single skills. To get the equivalent of a +5 boost, you had to use a rare (blue) mod if memory serves.

Just wondering if it seems the same way here. :+1:

i have had ton of legendary coms and i have seen ones with three skills and 2 skills i can deduce that one skill +5 is possible. it is just super rare to roll. i have had +3 +2 amara legendaries so they are not locked to 3 skills always and there is no reason for them to be locked at 2.

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Agreed. I’ve got a few 2 skill legendaries myself, so it certainly doesn’t have to be 3 each time.

Orange Mods don’t drop with +5, i have had 50+ of each for zane and they come out as previously mentioned closest is 1/4. Purple on the other hand can come at any combo including +5 to one skill.

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Why do you say that as a fact 50 is extremely small sample size

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Compiling from hundreds of other that come to the same conclusion on multiple threads/sites. 50 of each mod is just my own pot and i went looking and the public agrees that no one has seen a +5 orange rarity class mod for any character

If I remember right, the prefix determines the first random affix, for example grenadier means grenade damage.

I’ve done some testing. So if someone wants to double check. Please do.


  • weapon damage appears to be 20% increase to damage.
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Yes I have also tested that class mod it is a 20% gun damage buff. Now if we only knew how much movement speed it increased. Also how much the Executor class mod increases the many stats it buffs, especially critical hit damage. Sucks that these class mods don’t just tell us how much they increase by.

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while 50 isnt scientifically a “good” baseline, its better than none.

good work op, very much appreciated :ok_hand:

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Agreed but not hard to test just need time, working people hardly get to play let alone test but some University kids sooner rather than later will drop the numbers. It would be of great service from gbx if they did not make us shoot the spawned cars for dmg tests to figure out what skills do

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An Infiltrator with +5 to Violent Momentum dropped for me. So it might just be incredible rare (e.g. mod skills could have an equal chance to be generated; in that case it would be 1/3x1/3x1/3x1/3x1/3=1/243, so on average you get 1 +5 mod for every 243 5 skill mods you find.

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I am crazy paranoid here, i play co op on m3 or m2 with my partners amara and moze and they both keep finding coms that boost their mid tree capstone however i can not seem to find a single class mod that either boosts CC or DFC. has anyone had any luck at all with finding non standard skills boosted? as i said the most unique one i had was allmighty orderance boost which added more rockets to augment. but damn man a com with cc or dfc… mmmmmmm i have wet dreams about those.