Zane: Master Class Mod List

I haven’t sorry mate. Nada.

Wondering if the pre-launch Zane nerf might have led to hold off any Hitman tree-related CMODs for a while?

I have same gut feeling but it is just a conspiracy at this point

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Oranges can definitely drop with a +5 and your response of “I haven’t gotten one therefore it doesn’t exist” is extremely ignorant. 50
Is not a large number especially considering the plus +5 is very rare I got over 100 legendary mods before I got one with a plus 5 (at the time I was hoarding. 45 legendary class mods in my bank and had tossed/left on the ground many more from abusing the loot Tink farm before the hot fix.

Anyway I have gotten 2 plus 5s one for
Amara. nimbus having +5 in conflux and another just this week to Amaras dragon class mod with +5 in restless (this one I still have and can happily post a picture when I get home from work). I have also seen other class mods in trade topics on Reddit with +5s. It had to be a skill that can have 5 points originally but It does exist

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No idea if this provides any info, but here it is anyway.

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Thanks @Gunsmoke1084! Appreciate the contribution. :+1:

A nice mod for SNTNL users no doubt, though we do have that one listed already, at the very end of the Legendary list.

I’m beginning to wonder if we haven’t already unearthed what’s currently available?

Maybe, maybe not, but I haven’t seen any new varieties for quite some time now.

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As luck would have it, I literally just picked up a Legendary Executor with +5 to Playing Dirty.

Aside from being a nice find, and along with evidence from others earlier in this thread, Legendaries can indeed drop with a single skill +5.

Just updated the last couple of missing skills from CMOD types that were missing them in the original post.

No new CMOD types seem to have turned up in quite a while now, but if you do spot one not mentioned on the master list above, please let me know!

Too bad the title of the class mod doesn’t show on the HUD as it did in BL2. I wonder why they didn’t do that. All I ever see it “Operative”, instead of “X X Ruffian”.


I was thinking much the same thing earlier today actually. Perhaps they’ll add that sort of thing back in later?

Just had a crack at adding some tables into the original post, to neaten things up, and save people a lot of unnecessary scrolling. It’s not perfect, but it’s a whole bunch better than it was, and hopefully a lot easier to read now.

Fingers crossed the OP views okay for everyone, but if you spot any problems, please let me know. :slight_smile:


@Noelle_GBX noelle please i have asked you millenia ago how come zane does not get class mods with mid tier capstones when other toons do? can you at least confirm those class mods that would boost confident competence or death follows close drop? are they temporarily not allowed to drop? is zane never supposed to get class mods like that? if we had answers instead of speculation that would be so good for zane sub thread. i think no way in hell with collective play time we never managed to find such Cmods, if they flat out do not drop why do other characters have such luxury? :slight_smile:


Has anyone farmed Tubbies a significant amount yet? I kno that there are no “dedicated” loot drops yet, but in BL2 the Tubbies had increased chances for certain class mods even tho they were not the only source to get the class mods. Hopefully with the upcoming patch this month all of our questions will be answered.

Tubbies? There are tubbies in BL3?

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Yes sir there are Tubbies, have only seen 2 or 3 now. 2 were scags and 1 spiderant all on Pandora


Amazing work.
Is this a suitable forum for /
trading of class mods? I have a legendary shock, hoping to trade for a legendary executor for a lv30ish Zane…apologies if unsuitable forum :slight_smile:

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there are online/trading sections for each platform bud. probably better there :ok_hand:

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I tried testing this but didn’t see it work. Maybe someone smarter than me can help:

Does the activation of Seein’ Red trigger the Techspert kill skill?

I’ve been trying to think through each of the class mods and WHY the devs chose the functions and skills they did with each mod. I mean, it’s not just random, right? Techspert really boggles my mind like, what am I missing? All three of the skill buffs are in the Under Cover tree, yet the Kill Skill is a SNTNL/Hitman function.

Anyway, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to figure out how these interact and what kind of playstyle they support, but kinda stuck on this one. And if the Techspert kill skill doesn’t interact with Seein’ Red, then that’s another negative for this Mod.


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Hi all.

I’ve been a little out of the game loop, and haven’t picked up the new Zane CMOD as yet.

Still dedicated to keeping this thread updated however, so if anyone could provide a screen shot of the new mod, I’ll happily add it to the list above.

Anyone able to help out here please?

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I got the techspert while leveling and… is this a joke? Only a 5% chance to refund the cooldown/duration of SENTL? Even if CCC wasnt a thing the percentage would still need a major boost to make it better.

Also does it count activating action skills if you have the blue capstone or no

Also some of the specific skill boosts chosen for the legendary COMs are… odd

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