Zane Multipliers

0.Base Damage
Weapon damage
Weapon damage increases

Double Barrel x1,7
(depends on weapon, excluding skill multipliers and weapon dmg increase outside the clone tree)

Barrier stationary x1,25
(Barrier mobile x1,125)

Cold Bore x1,3
(single shot after weapon swap)
additive to trick the light
Trick the light x1,18
(more efficient with “which one’s real” or coop, to non aggro targets)
additive to cold bore

Playing Dirty x1,5
(with scoring a kill every 5 shots, decreasing with amount of projectiles listed on gun card)

Violent Violence x1,25
(with death follows close)

(Cool Hand, Nanites oss,
charged relay x? Reduces dps downtime)
(Praemunitus x? Reduces dps downtime)

Re router x2,2

It’s piss x1,2

4.Class mod
Up to double the amount of any supported skill
(post comma value)


6.Critical hits

Things im to lazy to figure out:
Brand loyalty and weapon type bonuses
I assume they are additive to gun damage

Important notes:
The more you have of those, the better your build in terms of damage will most likely be.

I also wanted to include a build, but I guess I’ll leave the thread purely informative.

Sources: things I’ve seen, things I’ve tried, common sense, BL2 damage calculation formula

Did I forget something?

Why is playing dirty x1.5? Isn’t it just an x2 on single pellet weapons?

It only happens half the time?

If it’s active yes if it doesn’t activate it doesn’t, it really depends, but I think the 1,5 gives a good idea

H, I forgot you need to use comboosting to get it to 100%, my mistake.

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okay first of all playing dirty can not be given multiplier since for single shot it is x2 for two pallets it is 50% and the further you go less you add

as to barrier amp when picked up it is half the original values 12.5.

playing dirty does not “activate” you either get stacks or not. stacks are always 5. if you get playing dirty stacks on kill next 5 shots will add 1 more projectile. the chance of acquiring playing dirty stacks per kill is determined by the % number you get on the skill display.

Okay I remove the question mark from “barrier mobile x1,125” . I just haven’t tested it myself yet.

Playing Dirty topic, you break unlocked doors, everything you say is in the main post. It’s only 1,5 for single projectile shots.
Sure it activates. But it’s the only kill skill that has a chance to activate. So if you get a kill or red button it activates statistically every 2nd time, then your next 5 shots will have one more projectile which for single projectile guns equals x1,5, if you get a kill every 5 shots.
(off topic: that’s btw why death follows close can’t buff it, dfc buffs duration and efficiency, but the 5 shots is fixed and the chance to activate a kill skill is not buffed by dfc since it’s usually 100%)

I try to address any confusion and put the “one kill per 5 shots in the description”.

that is a very odd way to assign PD as a damage multiplier but you do you my man.


I’m sorry, but not really sure what’s odd about that. Or better what’s less odd about the other multipliers. They all have some dependence to certain situations our weapons. And it does not stack with anything else so it’s a multiplier per definition.

What does that mean?

Edit: I assume you mean that the clone deals 70% of player damage per shot. It seems like a strange way to present the information as the only use case is the total damage if you and your clone shot the same target once. It’s also worth noting that the clone does not, afaik, benefit from any damage bonus unless it explicitly says it does.

This is doesn’t make sense without context. Playing Dirty is a % chance on kill for you next 5 shots to gain an additional projectile, it’s description is wrong. How did you come up with that general multiplier and what calculation would you use it in?

It’s 1.146

Fun fact: the “Status Effect Damage” from the kill skill from the Executor com multiplies Cold Bore and is boosted by Death Follows Close. Executor Status Effect Damage is 0.2.

Cold Bore Damage = Damage * Cold Bore % * (1 + (Executor Status Effect Damage * (1 + Death Follows Close)))

Sorry to be so critical but the context you include and the context you do not include has me a bit confused about the intent of this post.


Intent is to give simplified information about what can increase your damage more than regular +weapon damage

All multipliers are basically for one shot in a nutshell, but I also wanted to include multipliers that don’t increase your single shot dmg without going too deep into “dps”

Playing Dirty context is given the very next line. One kill every five shots. I already wrote a few posts above that I know how playing dirty works.

Barrier is 14,6% increase? That sounds weird. That’s the second value I get now, until I find prove of what’s actually true I’ll leave it as is.

The fun fact is interesting, I wonder if everything from the executor is 20% and then getting buffed by dfc to 25%. Also is cold bore just buffed be cause there is no dot for cryo or does it also buff trick the light? Hm.

The critical damage on the Executor com is it’s own crit type, for some reason. 16%, 20% with DFC

Critical Damage = Damage * 2 * (1 + Type A Critical Damage) * (1 + Type B Critical Damage) * (1 + Executor Critical Damage * (1 + Death Follows Close))

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So it’s multiplicative to the usual crit modifier? So if I have 150% I don’t get +20=170% but 180%? Awesome!

Executor seems to be far ahead to the other mods.

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Correct. Yeah, Executor com is pretty wacky, really strong com.

Yes, Executor is far and away the strongest COM. Though personally I think all the others should be brought up to its power rather than the other way around.

cold warrior should proc all other status effects and /or be based on the cryo efficiency, you froze the enemy with.
Techspert should double the amp of Barrier
Infiltrators dmg increase should be multiplicative
Shockerator could make your clone gunzerk your gun, enable your dmg modifiers for him or make him tankier by giving him basic heal per second and damage reduction

I got carried away

Infiltrator’s damage buff is effectively multiplicative for Zane because he has no specific ‘weapon damage’ buffs.

I think both the Infiltrator and the Executor are great mods. The rest do need a little work though. Cold Warrior in particular. Cold Warrior should give a guaranteed (or much increased) chance for cryo dots to freeze an enemy. Those addtional dots are cute, but have no synergy with the rest of Zane’s modus operandi. Conversely if they flipped things around, and allowed other dots to proc cryo (like Wilhelm’s Cold War), that would be actually quite interesting…

Infiltrator is up to 20% additive gun damage. How would it be ‘effectively multiplicative’?

If you proc Playing Dirty and have points in Cold Bore and do a weapon swap, does the cryo damage buff one bullet or the additional one too?

It should, since it adds an additional projectile to your shot, not a shot to your shot. But I actually haven’t paid attention to it, maybe someone can confirm.