Zane needs a Nerf

Zane needs some kind of nerf, as his newest buffs are overpowered on top of an already strong character. He can way too tanky and strong, even in mayhem 4. Look at this video below

As you can see, Zane is way too powerful, as he is able to complete the Maliwan Takedown SOLO. I can not believe this got past the developers. Do they even test this game?
Here is the best way to balance this character-
Heavily nerf CCC, and cause his bubble shield to be tied to his current shields health.
These were my thoughts on the current state of Zane, who is at this point the Salvador of BL3. What do you guys think?


I think this post is hilarious. Well played Sir or Madam. :joy:


What is funny about a clearly overpowered character. The only thing funny is how criminally weak Amara is.


WOW, never thought i would ever hear anyway say Zane is OP. This is just nutz. 99% of everyone out there will disagree. Zane is by far the weakest of the toons.

WOW, Really dude? Amara is by FAR the most powerful Toon. Yikes


Zane is broken. He is capable of killing things in mayhem 4. That is ridiculous.


WOW - Just WOW

I know. I am amazed as well at how busted he is. In fact, I think they should just remove his character from the game.


I am not agreeing with you. No one will. AMARA is by far the strongest toon, and Zane by far the weakest. Give up your little ill fated vendetta against Zane.

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You realize I was joking this entire time, right?


I was certainly hoping so, because i get my arse handed to me in MH4

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YOu do have one thing right, if they are going to continue to have Zane be a joke of a toon, why not just delete him. I wish i saw what he was like before launch that made them feel they had to nerf him. I bet he was fun then

Imagine being so salty about people calling your character OP that you make a thread like this :laughing:

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I am sure they will buff him eventually, do not give up hope.

Who are you referring to? My main is Fl4k.

leave my boyo alone lol.


The worst part is that that is your standard cryo build that has been around since day 1. Obviously Zane has been OP since day 1.


Exactly. The best thing to do is give his speed gimmick to Amara in the form of a class mod. Oh wait.


Zane doesn’t necessarily need a buff, as much as fix what is broken, make more of his skills worth while, more dps, more passive perks, etc. I feel as though hardly anything he has is meant to synchronize and work together. I mean we have a cryo build toon who has no bump in cryo damage what so ever.
As far as i can tell the Rough Rider, speed, infiltrator build is still broken and not working as intended, and that is just one issue. Yes, you can play behind his dome and be almost invulnerable but then spend a hour killing one mob because his dps is so bad.

He does need more build synergies, absolutely.