Zane needs a Nerf

BOOOOO! u shoulda kept going :frowning:

I agree zane needs a nerf. My poor moze got destroyed with nerfs. Body zane and amara too

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That was so funny…

This is not okay. I demand Amara receives several buffs

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Fl4k needs more pets! (out at one time)

I was expecting a joke video of Zane getting deleted. Still, gotta say I am impressed at how tanky that barrier can be.

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The action skill would be Stampede or Menagerie Mayhem or something along those lines :stuck_out_tongue:

Mentioned in another post but if you only watch Zane, and do not play Zane, a lot passes through the barrier still.

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There is damage that bypasses the barrier? I would be angry if I died to that.

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Yup a heavy can one shot Zane with his Barrier up (carried) if hes not careful with his Lava Ball. I played Fl4k and just got my Zane up to 50 this morning and I love and appreciate his play style. He requires a lot of battle field awareness.

Thank you for the laughs🤣

i agree, buff krieg


If I’m recalling correct-like: if you time a jump wrong, splash damage can get under your barrier, is what I’ve heard? I haven’t played with barrier much yet (as in I’m near the end of TVHM and only just now trying a clone-barrier build instead of clone-drone whoops)

DO NOT count on your barrier to stop everything, just most things. Splash can get you as well.

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Every vault Hunter can solo the takedown so why not buff the entier game?

Lol I just heard him say his Maggie hit for 40-50k if that’s comparable to Sal stay away from Fl4k.

Yeah. I would have, but someone actually thought that I was being serious and was getting kind of mad. I wanted to get a laugh, not a flame war.

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While the barrier is great, rockets pass through most times and if your going with that build your doing so at a loss to DPS, so it is a no win situation

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