Zane nerf - still strongest vault hunter? Your "best" overall Character?

After playing bl2 op10 with Maya for like thousand times;-) I just started with bl3 again and think about what character should I choose.
In first case for Endgame (Tvhm and Mayhem) the dps and survivability are important for me and I don’t like characters that only works specific gear.
I play always solo.I played already with fl4k trough the story and it was okay but the people always say fl4k’s survability is the worst from all and I wonder if an other Character would maby have much better survivability. I also played a little bit with all other characters but never so far to try some builds.I thought about zane and moze, but moze action skill have such a long cooldown it’s sick and I don’t like the thought that i’m forced to splash damage.I’m asking me if zane is still the strongest character after his commitment nerf? Is moze strong without splash ? And is Fl4k’s survivability really that bad?..I always thought that fl4k’s survivability is the best because there is always a pet that can revive you and attract the attention from the enemies on himself.
I don’t know a lot about Amara but I don’t play melee so I don’t think that she would work for me?
What do you guys think? What’s your favorite character?and what is the strongest overall Character?

Zane is still broken after they fixed Commitment.

Non-Splash weapons proc Short Fuse, Short Fuse procs FiTSD. It isn’t AS potent as a splash weapon because it doesn’t double dip Skag Den BS but can still be very potent.

If we wanna talk about the big broke for Moze it has to be Iron Bear. This thing is so overtuned it trivializes anything in the game without even taking Auto Bear/Dakka Bear shenanigans. Lazydata made a <2 min Hemo kill with IB the day DLC5 dropped.

No, FL4K is the only character with balanced survivability in a game that lacks balance in every other aspect.


I dont do much with Zane or Amara. I do switch with Fl4k and Moze though.

Fl4k can survive quite well, I tend to health stack with a plus ultra and use the health regen. Basically squeezing a little bit more outta health regen.

Moze is simple, if you can burn it she can easily kill it.

Zane is probably the best for straight bullet damage / speed. It’s hard to play the other VH’s for me because of how fast you can run through the maps as Zane.

You are 100% correct.

Most other chars die when they stop DPSing. With FL4K, you literally can’t die so long as your pet is alive basically. Especially if you pair it with a taunt of some sort so enemies don’t shoot you. Lick the Wounds is the best survivability skill in the game and no matter how many people try to say otherwise, dying with FL4K is 100% a player skill issue. You have too many tools to completely avoid damage and mitigate FFYL.

Depends TBH. Moze has good cool down skill, Flame and purple tree exists, and you have Rocketeer for perma Autobear.

Moze has stronger 1 shotting potential and IB is cracked to dumbness, but Commitment was never the strongest part of purple tree. It was the flashiest, but the thing that makes purple dumb is Eraser, and that is untouched. So Zane is still very busted.


It all rings hollow without proof in graph form.


Moze is still the strongest and easiest to use VH in BL3 IMO. Zane is a not-too-distant second. Amara and Fl4k basically tied for 3rd, with both of them still being ridiculously strong if you know how to spec and gear them.

The most “Zero” or “Krieg” of the VHs is Fl4k. By that I mean that I believe that Fl4k is the most skill and/or knowledge-based VH in terms of gameplay. But none of the VHs are nearly as complex or interesting as any of the BL2 VHs, just IMO.


Why are all you people coming back now? What voodoo magic summoned you to this place?

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best character is fl4k and it is not even close and your definition of “Best” is bad and be ashamed

Zane is straight out my strongest char… However, my peregrine flak with ghastcall and guardian angel destroyes everything with just rakk attack (able to finish true takedown)

Moze is my least played char and so my weakest

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My Zane is hamstrung by my refusing to use both the purple tree and Seein’ Dead and he still trounces so much of the game’s content.

He’s not at all weak lol. I’m building a second just to use the “meta” skills and gear because it’s been two years and “making blue and green work” is a job well done at this point. I’ve achieved what I wanted to there.


I have only a few points in the purple tree but i just use the Canon to proc my killskils :grin:

Zane has a few classmods that could work well now (though some are horribly useless… Looking at you techspert)

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I’m working on a slide-build Zane, but good luck trying to farm the correct Kickcharger, Toboggan, and Frozen Snowshoe. :roll_eyes:

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Melee Amara with Driver, Ward, FP, Cryo Stone Static Charge, and Fish Slap is the most OP build in the game.

But if you wanna be using a lot of guns, Zane is the one for that. He has the most flexibility, however to 1 shot some bosses you will need to do Globetrotter/Hustler shinanigans.

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I don’t get all this love for Eraser. It’s not a bad skill by any means, but unless you’ve got a mob lined up single file, what good are piercing crits? Am I missing some hidden effect of this skill? :man_shrugging:


Use a gun that goes boom. AOE hits count as piercing, and Eraser double dips splash radius for even more booms.

Try shrieking devil, the yellowcake, or the creamer and delete entire entire swaths of mobs every shot.

I thought launchers couldn’t crit?

Hustler :smiling_imp:

I don’t have much experience with the purple tree, but according to LootLemon:

Item card text is misleading, the Critical hit stated on this Class Mod doesn’t actually count as a Critical Hit!
No Skills that require a critical hit for their activation actually activate.

Hitting an enemy with Non-Critical Hits stacks a buff up to 5 times.
Non-Critical hits have a 5% Chance to consume that buff and and deal +25% Damage for each stack.

It doesn’t count as a crit for crit damage purposes, but does proc on hit effects like Eraser.