Zane noob here. How does “Boom. Enhance” determine the number of grenades it consumes? Is it random?

I just started playing my level 40 something Zane for the first time since after launch. I’ve been mainly an Amara main, but with the recent clone buff I wanted to jump back into it. I plan on using this build, although if I get a redistributor I want to try chain Zane.

Anyways about the skill. From the description I can’t tell if it is saying it will consume three grenades as long as they are available, or if it’s saying it will consume a random amount of grenades, up to three.

Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

It should consume three reliably until you have two or less, in which case it’ll consume the remainder.

Yup 3 very time so long as you have them. While running a seein dead with just one point in his grenade Regen skill I have never run out, in fact every time I open my inventory to check, I still have all 11!