Zane-O-Nade test build M4 TD (scaled)

Was testing a new nade build with Sticky Quasar for crowd control. It worked decent and mistakes were made but it was first run for the build and it did decent. Accidentally cut video after pause so had to restart, also forgot to check modifiers so that is part 3.

TLDR: This video is a self test of the build with scaled TD M4.

Part 1: Entrance to door b4 Wotan. (have a lol at end of Valkeries,…)

Part 2: Door to Wotan.

Part 3: Forgot to post modifiers, then saw it was x2 projectiles.
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Yeah the bridge got pretty crazy it’s hard so see all that’s going on but that’s usually a good sign, I just watch the dots on the map though and I can see the effectiveness. When I first watched that part it looked like a Fl4k using a Brainstormer with all those crits. You should see if you can make a TTM version of this build, may have to do clone swap though to increase dps and survivability.uuu

I decided to post one of my two TTM runs with a Gitm build, it’s not perfect but I don’t have time to go for perfect with the cap increase coming, especially when it was “impossible”. Atleast my next gitm will double cap which will really improve the augment.

This build should be able to do TTD, I might give it a go tonight. I have gotten a lot better at planting the grenades to be more effective at crowd control. Pretty much you keep the trash mobs tossed around the big guys and have your ricochets kill them while focusing on the bigger guys who are also getting smacked with bodies and tossed around since they are more “planted” when it comes to the grenade. The more I use it, the more I understand how it interacts with different enemies. The deathorbs just get flung around and lose their attack time and can buy time in sticky situations with Wotan.

I originally set it up with clone, however the damage was lacking heavily. Switching to drone w/ dmg and SNTL cryo did a lot better job. I also thought about barrier but you lose so much DPS that route as well, you really don’t need the barrier when no one is shooting at you anyway since they just get tossed around.

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