Zane on Guardian Takedown MH10

I’m still not liking it, even after they reduced the tanking. I’d like to see a video of a zane build doing the MH10 guardian. I’ve seen videos where they say they’ve done it, and they talk about their build, but in general it seems that 99% of the zane players out there cannot do the guardian takedown MH10. I have great gear and a solid build and can cruise through maliwan MH10. I’m not saying that I should be able to cruise through guardian, but I can’t even get past the point where you have to stand on the pads to charge them and keep enemies off. These enemies still seem tanked to me; I haven’t even come close to getting past this point.
My issue is that while I understand that MH10 should be very difficult to most players with good gear, it should not be this difficult to players with a great build, great gear, and who have been playing the game since launch. Maybe it’s a zane problem.


Exactly the same for me. I could solo M10 maliwan, and for fun I could do it keeping both Zane 's action skills up from start to wotan.

I’m not playing the game now. I refuse.

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It is the mechanic of the crystal phase.
Guardians are like moths to the crystal and they spawn non stop.
1 high DPS to kill them fast.
Which we know only Recursion is viable and most effective user is Amara with TTB and ricochet.
2 apply aggro which lead to Flak gamma burst and plaguebearer.
3 charging crystal in rotation but you still need to kill them faster than they spawn.

Let’s be frank, GTD enemy health is still too high. It is fine if their spawn rate is not so absurd.

Maybe after 25th, Unkempt Harold is coming to the rescue, again.

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I think Zane is the best character to do that personally. The clone can save you from a platform jump and it helps diverting enemies from the crystals. I am not a master of this takedown but Zane is my way to go.
As for the crystals, once you find a good method they never pose problem again. My method is to use plaguebearer or backburner shock or rad with a transformer/red suit. I always start by charging completely the crystal to the right of the button first, the key is not to move from the spot and keep the enemy at bay with clone and well placed launcher shot. If an enemy gets in the pod the crystal stop charging but having pure shock/rad damage and immunity allow to fire launcher at point blank range and get rid of them.

It didn’t take too many failed attempts for me to realize that a clone build is probably the way to go. I typically don’t play clone so there will definitely be a learning curve. I also shy away from shotguns; occasionally I’ll have my yellowcake but my preferred gear is redistributor, kaoson, O.P.Q. All are MH10, either 300/90 pr 100% cryo SNTNL. Also have the seein’ dead, etc. I’m thinking of just passing on this because:

  1. The new DLC is coming soon
  2. It seems that the drops from the guardian aren’t all that
  3. I just started playing Last of Us Part II :slight_smile:

well up to you, it is true that the exclusive gear so far is unimpressive, I’ve yet to see the webslinger and the resistance shield but so far the only thing I like is the globe trotter and it is mostly a weapon for fun

The kaoson nerf hurt (30% was excessive), and I have no idea why people think the OPQ is worth using with Zane. I have very good M10 gear and can play 50/150 or 100% cryo with multiple elements, but I just run out of ammo. I could probably complete it if I had… you know… bullets.

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A helpful hint if you are running out of ammo. (Maybe you already know it)

You can kill the first enemy, who has a lot of hit points, by standing on the ledge right after you start. You don’t jump down to the ground. After you kill him go back where you came from and re-up your ammo.

Watch the video I linked and this is the build to be used. Stop using the 100% cryo drone build and start using the clone with elemental ASE annointments. I have solo’d the raid many many times now. Zane’s clone is literally one of the most broken things in the raid especially for the platforming sections. If you fall you can teleport to the clone to retry the jump. The clone also distracts enemies for the plate encounters.

Use a cutpurse launch pad artifact my dude. This will fix your ammo problem. XD

Never see this mentioned, but it’s also REALLY depending on your mayhem mods!


So if we have a particular build and a particular artifact it is a completely possible challenge? Well that sounds like a great design.

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A puzzle works the same. You’ve been given a puzzle, a challenge, and it’s on you to find a way to solve it.
And that usually requires specific pieces put together in a certain way.

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Poor metaphor. Using that argument if there is one build , on one vault hunter, with one load out then GBX has achieved their goals.

Given that their stated goal is always about “build diversity” that seems awfully poor planning.

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Not poor for the point I wanted to make. You could also take it as being a tool to fix a problem.
But I think you get the point. And the takedown has been made multiple times without cutpurse anyway.
The difference between MT and GT is huge though.

Finishing GT using zane on MH10 should not require a uniquely specific build, using uniquely specific legendary weapons, using a uniquely specific playstyle., especially considering the reward is gear that is inferior to what it takes to get said gear. I’m repeating key words to make my point. 1%, maybe less, of zane players can complete GT MH10, but most of the gear received is worse than gear used by the top 20% of zane players.
I’ll be curious if GT gets as many play throughs as MT. I’m thinking, nope.


just chipping in here as well, Zane player…

I also struggle with MH10 guardian TD as solo. While i also wreck MH10 maliwan TD lol…

I only play 150 Rad or Sent/ Cryo… I am all about that ASA on zane. I don’t like any other builds sorry…

and i agree, i shouldn’t have to be forced into playing a cutpurse / ASE built in order to complete this new take down. I rather not play at all.

plus the rewards sucks , 0 incentive …

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i just finish it with sntl cryo zane. i use a redistributor shock and fire with sntl cryo anoint. and monarchs shock and fire and corrosive with sntl cryo anoint.

i use fire for the creatures, shock for the guardians and corrosive for anathema and scourge.

need cutpurse launchpad since i ran out of ammo a few times.

yea there is my point, you had to use a cutpurse, well i don’t like to use cutpurse in place of my pearl… i love pearl LOL…

but then some of the other VH class will not run into this out of ammo problem like Zane, because we don’t do enough burst damage compare to say Fla4k

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