Zane only 63 skill points

Im new to zane but why do i only have 63 skill points and how do i get it to 65.

You don’t unlock your skill tree till level 2 level 3 gives you your first skill point

I am level 65 though should i not have 65 i do with fl4k and amara.

It’s the same for all you start at level 1 level 2 unlocks your action skill your choice level 3 is your 1st talent point

Ok got it thanks i thought it was cheating me out of 2 points.

I have alot of bl3 toons like a stupid amount so I am insanely accustom to the starting process for leveling to give you an idea 3 zanes all my toons are 65 btw lol 4 mozes 4 amaras 4 fl4ks lol but yeah all for different builds on console and every single one unlocked access to action skill choices at level 2 started obviously at level 1 and got their first skill point at level 3

*edit zane works in a unique way (two action skills at the same time) thus the reason for only three zanes as he can use two action skills at once