Zane or Amara for solo play...pros & cons?

hello All

I have a Main character, Fl4k…I play with someone in co-op and now have two others, Zane and Amara at Level 17 with two others at the same point. I’m now trying to figure out which one I want to move forward in solo play.

I’ve sort of struggled with Amara getting her up in solo using the Fist of the Elements skill tree. While great at CC it seems a bit lacking in doing more damage while providing support. Granted it’s early on and might be better passives to unlock.

Zane it seems has more options/playstyle no matter which tree…one can easily mix & match using any of the three and one way or another can get extra support…via drone or clone something I feel Amara lacks. But are there passives that come later that can turn Amara around and playable solo? Just seems she has less options with her skill tree solo wise. Any suggestions and input …Thank You…

Amara is a beast solo and currently in solo you can pause to switch elements. In co-op you can either focus on the element for the location and hope your buddy covers any other elements. You’ll die in harder content trying to change element in co-op. I can’t speak for Zane, but Amara is great for both.

I’ve played both Amara and Zane to lv50. I’ve found both incredibly fun, but overall I’d say I like Amara a bit more.

Amara’s elemental gunslinger playstyle has been really fun to me, it offers great damage potential and quite a bit of sturdiness depending on your build. With good gear, it can melt bosses and badasses and you can play it pretty ‘on your face’.

Zane on the other hand is also quite fun to me, but on the other end of the spectrum. Zane imo really revolves around the use of both of his Action Skills and requires a lot more micromanaging than Amara. You have to be always aware of a lot of things, including the cooldowns of your action skills and kill skills, to maximize his potential, I feel. This leads to a more ‘tactical’ playstyle in a sense, which imo is also very rewarding.

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I can’t say much about Zane and how they compare… all I can say is if you liked Doom 2016, Brawl Amara may be your thing. It’s a friggin massacre.