Zane or Fl4k, which one is more fun at end game?

Kind of off put by the need to constantly be running and gunning with zane but besides that I can’t pick between the two. Seems a lot of people on the Fl4k forum say his pets are useless and he’s got limited builds so that kind of sucks.

Any thoughts?

Oh his pets are definitely useless. They couldn’t do a thing on M4, now? They may as well have never been a thing. The spark of hope is that they have promised pet scaling in a month’s time so we shall see. However, if you enjoy a build based around gunning and crits you should find something to like.

Zane has more options, especially with Seein’ Dead, and the ability to use two action skills is quite unique. His most popular builds, you’re right, involve a lot of speed and kill skills but that’s not the only way to play him. My own build uses the Conductor mod and specialises in extra projectile weapons (Jakobs ricochets, the Hyperfocus, Seventh Sense, Tiggs Boom, etc.).

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my favorite is amara, but zane and fl4k is tied in 2nd for me. last is moze.

for zane i got a sntl cryo, deathless and currently working on a double barrel build.

for fl4k i got gammaburst, rakk and deathless build.

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I generally prefer assasin style classes in games so FL4Ks crit and gunning style is appealing but in the same vein Zane seems like he’s more of the intended assassin archetype? It’s a tough decision.

I generally prefer gunplay to skill play though.

In that case, I think you would like Fl4k more with Fade Away as the action skill and a focus on the red and green trees.

I think I made the mistake of playing Zane to too high of a level and went back to FL4K because everything feels so slow now :frowning: I think maybe FL4K comes on later in the game? His early game seems a bit weak.

Leveling pre M2.0, I found Fl4k far easier to play than Zane, but at end level with appropriate gear, I have a lot more fun with Zane. I’m running Clone and Drone with See’n Dead and mostly Sentinel Cryo anoints, and it’s just fun, the high speed run and gun and utter chaos when both of my pets start chucking Quasar grenades that fling enemies all over the map is totally lol worthy and effective. My Fl4k is using a dual capstone Rak spam build with a Bounty Hunter, and you really feel the lack of health steal vs Zane, the playstyle is much less fluid, and you still end up getting revived by your pet more than I’d really like.

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Would you say Fl4k feels fun at that level or is it pretty much one sided to Zane in the fun department.

Rakk Attack builds are the squishiests though. If you play 3 shot Fade Away you have competitive survivability w/ your AS and augments. Plus the pet revive
The build that is hitting my sweet spot rn is red fang gamma burst. While it is true thst pets currently do nothing damage-wise, they keep aggro off you with this class mod. Plus they are invincible. That opens your gear slots up to even play a deathless build w/ the 150 under 50 anointment. A pretty strong and fun build.
Speed isn’t an issue anymore w/ the easy modifier speed demon. But w/ this setup you don’t need speed. Everyone is focused on your pet.
AS-wise almost none in the game currently is doing much tbh. Drone & clone do next to no dmg. Barrier helps survive, for sure.
Gamma burst has some great utility, fade away has dmg and utility/survivability. Rakk attack is risky on m10. You gotta know what you’re doing

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What mayhem will you run? I run M6 and prefer Zana at the moment. I just got Flak to endgame and have done tons of research but im finding he needs very specific gear. I started with Amara and after playing her i wanted to use the Rakk build but for me i cant do enough damage with ase element builds. I set him up with the FA and Rakk switch build using the Stakbot and Bounty Hunter mods with ase 100% weapon damage anoints and unfortunately cartel weapons. It does a good job but since GBX trend with these limited events dont scale i wont depend on them in the future. Drops need to get way better for us!

To me, FL4K feels more versatile and fun to play. Both beginning and end game. All of his AS are useful and you can go with whichever fits your play style, situation, solo, coop, etc. His pets are useful for the boost and revive still. GB will balance the pets again. Also, FL4K is arguably the best farming/boss killer.

I play all the characters, although Moze the least. I think Zane is a lot of fun as well. I have a whole lotta time with Zane and Amara. It all come down to personal preference.

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Both are interesting, only thing is I took the habit of moving while shooting with Zane and I have to do a mental effort with Fl4k because you need to stay still to do more damage :rofl:

I love both but if I had to choose, Fl4k is more fun for me. They can be squishy sure, but Fl4k has so much more class mods and builds viable at endgame imo. Them and Moze have the most good class mods, but its true that their blue tree needs some buffs to skills. Before m2.0, I was constantly switching up my pets, gear, and action skills. Zane is super fun too but atm doesn’t have as much variability with how good of a band-aid Seein Dead is. Green tree needs to be fixed too.

Fl4k just feels like I’m mashing enemies with a hammer with how their built. Super satisfying. Breezing through enemies and micromanaging things with Zane is so much fun also. It’s really up to what you enjoy more.

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I’m usually pretty good about switching, but my buddy will play with Zane a little, then go back to FL4K. I have to tell him to stop moving forwards and backwards while he’s shooting all the time. :rofl:

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Zane Fl4k
Fast Firing Tank Glass Cannon
Fast Can be Fast
2 Action Skills Worthless Pet
Clear w/ Speed Clear w/ Crit
Can use many anoints well Can use many anoints well
Most COMs need buff Most COMs need buff
Boss Burner Boss Burner

Honestly they both good in own ways. I play both, but more so Zane.

My top VH is my Fade Away FL4K.
He has been able to do everything in M10 (though I have not attempted Wotan yet). Yes, my pet is used mostly for bait, and dies alot more now than Pre MH2.0, but overall for a gun style of play I like him the best.

I need to pull out my Barrier/Clone Seein Dead Zane. Havent done anything with him since MH 2.0. I built and levelled a new Drone Clone Zane with the Conductor mod, but he is still very squishy and needs work.

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I find Zane easier than Fl4k at M10, and also just more fun in general. I use a cryo-centered build so I’m freezing enemies left and right and keeping my action skills almost permanently active (the mod that gives up to 25% shock damage based on action skill duration synergises beautifully with this).

The clone is as fun as ever, letting me constantly switch with it to zip around the landscape and flank enemies while it helps freeze mobs with a cryo gun or softens them up with a rocket launcher.

Overall I think Zane is the most diverse character. With my playstyle, he’s all about spatial intelligence and using the map as you juggle multiple enemies at once. Very fun, but also tense and risky.

But he can also be the exact opposite: a barrier-centred playstyle where you camp in one spot and take it easy, which is how I tend to play him for bosses.

All I’m going to say is fl4 doesn’t have lifesteal.

But Zane does.


I don’t have to do jack in endgame with Zane. Drone+Clone=+me in cover=me dead a LOT less than any other character thus far.

FL4K? Their pets genuinely are useless since they don’t appear to scale. If they do then they sure don’t scale enough. I die every couple minutes with FL4K and no matter what build I try, I can’t get them to stay up long enough to win a fight without getting downed at least twice and dying once.

Ultimately, it’s up to your preference. I don’t think dying is fun so I enjoy Zane. I love FL4K and their pets, but they just can’t seem to compete with my Zane build.

my rakk fl4k is using lifesteal anoint on weapons.

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