Zane playing dirty as of 10/10/19 Hotfix

So they hotfixed death follows close today and now it correctly updates its effect on all kill skills. A question I have now is that I have 9 in playing dirty thanks to my class mod and it shows a 113% chance at firing an extra bullet. Now does that mean I have a 100% chance at firing 2 and a 13% chance at firing 3? Or is that extra percent/point going to waste and it would be better utilized elsewhere?

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You have a 113% chance to activate the playing dirty skill. When activated you will only get 1 extra projectile.

Now it is possible that going over “might” give you 2 extra projectiles, but if so I would guess that would be a bug that would be fixed later down the road as an unintended consequence. Test it and let us know.

Personally, I’ll only put 7 points total in playing dirty and play the odds. 7 gives 87.5% chance to activate playing dirty.

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Alright did some testing visually and damage wise. Shot over a hundred times at a car and there was no third bullet or any extra damage done to the car so yeah unfortunately it is capped at 100%/2 bullets :frowning:

8/5 will give you 100% chance at an extra bullet so no need to go over that.

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I did some testing of my own and while using the Lyuda I can clearly see a 3rd bullet sometimes when I shoot. I also went and tested it on Graveward and I did see extra damage pop up so I believe there is in fact a 13% chance for an extra projectile. I’ll see if I can record a video of it for proof.

I re-tested with the Tunguska since it is really easy to tell if it fires an extra projectile and I shot the thing for 5 minutes straight and there was no 3rd projectile so false alarm.