Zane Playthrough 1 guides

I have recently made some playthrough 1 theory crafted guides for all Borderlands 3 characters, I have assumed playthrough 1 will end at a maximum of level 32. They are far from perfect, I know there are issues but I enjoyed making them so will being doing more and some constructive criticism on them would be great.
Under Cover:
Doubled Agent:


There’s no max for the playthroughs. You can get to level 50 in the first one.

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There is no max however in playthrough 1 of both borderlands 2 and the pre sequel but I believe both the Warrior and the Sentinel were level 32, I can’t remember for the destroyer. If you do most or all the side quests you will be about that level when you finish the playthrough. If you power level you can get to any level that is available within the game. In part of my assumption I have presumed that no power levelling will take place and it will just be the average that people will finish at. I have heard reviewers found themselves at level 40 by the end of playthrough 1 so I am happy for my assumptions to be wrong. I will happily recreate the videos on playing through the game and seeing