Zane Praemunitus Math

Praemunitus says +25% MAGAZINE SIZE at 3/3 points.

This seems to always round down if the math lands on a whole number, if you have a sniper with 4 bullets 41.25=5.00 but you still only get 4 buillets in the mag. A sub with 20 does the same, 201.25=25.00 which rounds down to only get 24 bullets in mag.

It doesn’t bother me to go from 25-24 bullets with the sub but for a shotgun/sniper/revolver to get only 4 bullets instead of 5 is pretty frustrating, makes this skill useless for the smallest clip that it should be useful for.

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It’s a combination of Praemunitus actually being 24 point something Rounded up, and mags being 3 point something rounded up. The math then comes out to a number that gets rounded down.


I read somewhere, that this skill is always rounded down to 24% because of some wonky math the game does.

There should be zero reason for a gun to have a mag of 3.5 rounded up. 3.5 and 3.6 are the only values that would be rounded up where X*1.25 doesn’t go to 5 anyways.

I’m just saying this skill should be consistent or they need to change it to 24% max in the game.

Than they would need to change the in game skill to 24% to avoid confusion such as this, in my mind as it stands right now it is a bug.

we have already asked gbx to round it up long time ago they gave us buffs to annointed damages.

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Isn’t annointment buffs the answer to everything?

most certainly is. and it is only certain beloved annointments that do massive damage while others provide marginal benefit because mommy does not love them. sadly peole are stuck into thinking loop that difficulty settings are unchangable and should only move towards harder direction therefore nobody wants to hear a suggestion of actually nurfing bonus dmg values and downscaling current mob overall health values accordingly to have actually more fun and diversity. but a joe thinks only one way when they hear that bonus cryo should do less than dmg while sliding and full mag of consecutive hits, they think but if annointed dmg bonuses were all roughly equal and so low, m4 content would be undoable. as if it is hard to slap whatever lower values on mobs and bosses.

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