Zane Rough Rider/Barrier build

This is my build I’ve been trying out that centers around the Rough Rider and the Barrier action skill. I’m still tweaking it so any suggestions would be appreciated. This is more of a mobbing build as it struggles a bit with large enemies, especially the anointed since they can’t be frozen.

The idea here is to keep your shield up as long as you are in combat with Calm, Cool, Collected and to also keep your health full so that ability can do it’s thing.

For the Undercover tree the main abilities for this are Rise to the Occasion and Calm, Cool, Collected. Since none of the skills on the first line even work when you have a Rough Rider equipped I just tossed 5 points in there to get past it. Maxed out Rise to the Occasion is great with the Rough Rider since the health regen will always be on. 5 more points go into Brain Freeze to get it to the fourth row so I could put a point into Futility Belt to help reduce damage, then 4 points into Best Served Cold so I could add a point to Calm, Cool, Collected.

For the Barrier I put Retaliation for the extra damage and All Rounder since I tend to run into the thick of it (probably too much) and like being covered from all sides, its not necessary. It might make more sense to put Nanites or some Sh!te in that slot if you want.

For the Hitman tree the most important ability is Salvation for extra health regen. I maxed out both Violent Speed and Violent Momentum, not really sure if V. Speed can cause V. Momentum to do even more damage or not but both still are good effects. Obviously 5 points go into Salvation. Death Follows Close is always good to have on for the kill skill bonus. Playing Dirty I threw in there for some extra damage, not really sure if that or Donnybrook is better for that. I threw on Drone Delivery since I have a Hex grenade and I felt it would be a waste to not use it somehow, can put that point wherever you want if nades don’t matter to you or you don’t wanna use the drone.

I use the SNTNL just to get some more freezing chance with Winter’s Drone. The drone is completely optional if you prefer to use a grenade. Also threw Bad Dose on to get a bit more movement speed.

For the Doubled Agent tree I just have 5 points in Synchronicity. You can take some points out of the Hitman tree if you want and put them into Praemunitus, Borrowed Time, or Donnybrook. As I’m typing this that does seem like a better idea so I may try that.

Shield: Rough Rider, obviously.

Artifact: I’m using the Last Stand Otto Idol as it gives 5 seconds of invulnerability when my health drops below 50% and also gives restores 18% of my health when I kill an enemy. If you don’t have that any cryo based artifact should also work.

Class Mod: I have an Infiltrator class mod for the movement speed bonus (I heard the damage bonus doesn’t work with the Rough Rider) but you should be able to put any class mod with whatever skill bonuses you want and it should still be fine.

Grenade: A good cryo nade is probably the best choice, but I have a Cloning Hex nade equipped to help do damage.

Weapons: Your best cryo weapon should be your primary, with at least one good non-cryo weapon for ice enemies.

I have a cryo double Torgue pistol as my main gun as it does good damage and the sticky rounds freeze rather well. I also have a cryo Conference Call as a secondary. For the third slot I switch between a cryo Vladof heavy cannon/sniper/whatever-the Vladof-versions-of-the-rocket-launcher-are-called and my Hive. The last slot I have either my Gatling Gun or my Bekah equipped.

I haven’t tried Mayhem 3 yet but I can blow through almost anything in Mayhem 2 with this. I did get stumped by the Trial of Fervor but all the other trials I was able to beat with ease.