Zane Rough Rider Glitch?

i was testing out the Rough Rider shield and Infiltrator class mod combo,
and i noticed that my Barrier skill cooldown is down to 6-5secs right after the skill ended,
i exit out from the menu and went back in the game and the cooldown went back into normal,
i was experimenting for almost an hour now to re-create the glitch,
did anyone encounter this at all???
btw im playing from PS4

Did you respec during your glitched session? I believe to remind someone assuming it has to do with speccing into adrenalin multiple times.
Another idea could be something with “topped of” guardian skill.
Last idea, if you change from a full regular shield to rough rider the game does not notice your shield going down enabling adrenalin (and maybe topped off) for that session

I would love if confident competance and nerves of steel worked with rough rider.

I wouldnt even care you have to waste 5 points on first tier.

However, Rise to the Occasion is amazing with rough rider.