Zane’s skills set to 0 damage?


I’m not sure if I missed something or a recent thread. But Zane’s damage skills for me including all SNTL weapons and anything else that inflicts damage is displayed at 0 damage on the echo screen.

During actual gameplay it looks like every attack doesn’t do more than 1 damage per attack. Is this an error or is this the max damage during mayhem modes?

I doubt the latter because the echo screen still reads 0 damage.

I know Zane is a little underpowered but this is ridiculous.
Let me know if I’m not the only one dealing with this!


-Doc Specs

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Just came across the same thing something’s definitely not right

Unfortunately this happens sometimes. This is not new and it has existed before the Bloody Harvest. Same thing goes in his Double Agent tree, his cryo nova and Dopplebanger will also be set to 0 damage.

I’ve seen it with his skills in Undercover too, with competent competence getting 0 damage/accuracy buffs and Adrenaline also giving 0 bonus.

I don’t know what causes it, but restarting the game has always worked for me. Never checked if simply switching maps will do it.

This is the one way I’ll admit that Zane can be legitimately broken currently (with a negative connotation)