Zane Shields Questions

So i found a shield that drops a fortify 10% damage reduction

Questions are, it has a 15% chance to drop every time i take damage, So if i am taking damage and these drop, with auto pick up now (which is great) - Will they stack, and for how long, there is not time listed. If 10 dropped would that equal 100% damage reduction?

I don’t think it’ll stack effects like you’re hoping. It could very well have changed since I had one of these shields about 3 weeks ago - but if I picked up a booster after a firefight with some loot it would stay active until the next time I got shot (or melee’d or w/e) no matter the time frame.

So picking up multiple boosters, if they stacked at all, would last for X number of attacks you took instead of X% longer or for an X% more damage reduction.

It took me the longest time to figure out why the edges of my screen were flashing outside of combat until I realized it was them boosters.

It’d just refresh the duration of the buff.

What is the duration of the buff? Like I was saying when I killed Aurelia, I had flashing edges on my screen until the first jabber clocked me out in the yard… Doesn’t seem to be much of a time limit on these things unless that changed.

Oh, my mistake.

I believe it stacks…the ones that give damage increases stack with each other, so why wouldnt damage reduction stack?