Zane skill buffs and change concepts

Even though Zane is in a really good place now, I still feel like he needs some changes to create way more build diversity. The problem I see is that his seein dead class mod is just too overpowered and it’s locked behind a dlc and his full green tree is good, it could just be better. Even though it’s great for tanking, it isn’t wise to go fully down it because your damage will suck. So here’s a little concept I made so he can have way more build diversity:

Doubled Agent changes : we wanted to make two underwhelming skills a bit more useful.

Trick of the Light: Zane and his digi-clone now gets bonus cryo damage depending on which enemy is targeting who (if enemies target Zane, clone gets the damage, if enemies target the clone, then zane gets the damage)

Like a ghost: After swapping places with your clone, you and your clone gets (up to 50%) chance to ignore bullets for 2 seconds (or 3 depending on which is more balanced).

Under Cover changes: Although the green tree is great for survivability, it lacks in damage. So there are changes to made to make you a tank while being able to dish out a lot of damage.

Barrier Augments: Charged Relay, Nanites or Some ■■■■■, and retaliation now effect you when you’re holding the barrier.

Best served Cold: Now has 50% bonus damage to frozen targets.

Nerves if Steel: The bonuses are now based on shield capacity (works just like Confident Competence) up to 90% accuracy and up to 105% Handling. An added bonus now boost critical damage, up to 70% critical damage boost based on shield capacity.

Hitman changes: these changes mainly focuses on the augments and the capstone as the drone is more about decent damage and support.

Static Field: Increased damage done to shields

Bad Dose: Decreased the movement speed and attack speed on enemies more so there can seem like a difference.

Almighty ordinance: More accurate so missiles can actually hit, increased the damage, added a cooldown of 18 seconds. (While Boomsday can be used more rapidly, Almighty Ordinance will be used to deal massive damage to bosses or an area with an added cooldown).

Winter’s Drone: increased cryo efficiency (this to freeze targets more faster, great for support and synergies well with buffed green tree).

“Seein dead” class mod effect is now added to Zane’s “seein red” capstone. Seein dead class mod changed. (Idk what to change it to but I’m sure you guys have ideas.

This so the drone can be either a full damage action skill (reccomend doomsday and almighty oridinance) or support (Bad Dose and Static field or Winter’s Drone, or even a little bit of both depending on which augments you want).

I dont know if it’s too much but this change/buff will make all 3 of Zane’s skill trees viable and it’ll depend on your own playstyle. The seein dead class mod can be changed but I just wanted the effect of that on his capstone to create more diversity with his class mods.

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Dude … I love it but would make Zane OP IMO.

Zane already has high survivability and the Clones are in a good place now after last week’s hotfix.

Seein’ Dead COM was a band-aid for Zane and should definitely not be modified in any way other than adding more Donnybrook points to the coms that only offer 2. I know you proposed to implement it’s effects into the Seeing Red perk, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it …

I am quite happy with where Zane is at the moment exept for his exclusive anointments never dropping for him.

Although I would love to see your proposal in action, I am not sure it wouldn’t completely break him and make him OP AF.

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That’s what I was worried about too, like I rather for them to fix fl4k first tho cause he kinda sucks (on survivability anyway). I definitely don’t want Zane to be op but I just want all 3 of his skill trees to be good at least.

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I’d rather seein’ dead effect be a capstone with seein’ red. That would be cool, then I could use a classmod that I likely never ever ever ever ever why would you ever ever touch!

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