Zane skill changes?

Has anyone figured out how to get Zane’s new skill changes to apply? I got the 4th skill tree and the changes to Seeing Dead mod but not the skill changes.


I went to the main menu three times and closed and reopened the game once and didn’t see the skills change, did you figure it out yet?

Sadly no, still no change

Just got them to apply on Epic games.

There was a patch when I started the game.

Now my Zane has only 61 skill points.

Alright I don’t know if it was fixed, but I just quickly changed characters and changed back to my main in the main menu without loading into the game and checking my skill trees, it looks like it’s updated now.

Fixed for me now.

never mind it works…

can’t unlock the new skins though (can only buy them)

Welcome to being Beta tester

It updated for me just by loading my Zane then quitting out to the main menu then starting the game back up for him. It swapped the skills listed and refunded the points I’d put in them before the swap.