Zane skill preview? Oversight maybe?

Hi all,

I don’t know whether you noticed but Zane’s cannon skill doesn’t have a preview for it in the menu when you equip it.
What is the reason for it?

Laziness, cut corners. The usual.

“the usual”? Are there other stuff like this in the game that implies laziness?

Literally everywhere? There’s pages and pages of topics on this board, discussing that very thing.

alot of skills hardly tell what happenes exactly with what skill. there are already some great players who have tested alot of stuff tho so finding the exact info shouldn’t be hard if on the forums or even youtube vids. honestly alot of the players who test and put out the info are holding this game together.

This is only a tiny, tiny issue but it’s the first thing I thought of when I read this question: it always bothered me how the DLC1&2 Legendary Class Mods had their textures copy & pasted from previous models. Green Monster, Sapper, Golden Rule, Stone, St4ckbot, Tr4iner, Seein’ Dead, and Conductor are all reused assets. I can’t say this is the result of laziness (it could be a bug for all I know) but generally when I see reused assets it does give me a “vibe” of laziness. That’s probably part of the reason I felt DLC4 was so disappointing. It was very short but also included obvious repurposed enemies, props, effects, etc.

I think the weakest DLC was DLC3:
Music was terrible
They missed the regions on the planet surface. (if you hover over locations it wont pinpoint on the globe where they are)
You cant track how many missions you have completed

And my general opinion about the whole theme of the expansion was “■■■■”.

So I stumbled upon this:

See? It does have the skill preview properly (MNTIS is on it’s shoulders)
Whats going on then? Bug? I quickly started a new char to check it, but no I still don’t have the preview in the skill menu.

Again. Tried two different versions of the game now. Created a whole new Zane character. No, it doesn’t animate for me.
I know its a small detail, but I was really impressed the 1st time I saw it in game. Having individual preview for characters.

Any fellow forum member care to help me check?

EDIT: It seems that only the PC Version is bugged? Probably on PS4 and XONE it works okay. Anyone with that version?