Zane Skill tree

I’m loving these choices so far.

Undercover looks to be very shield based
Hitman looks to be a mob destroying monster
Double Agent looks very interesting with grenades

I think I’ve found my first character

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Same. Just by what I saw in the trailers and previews, Zane looks the most fun for me. I run Gauge in BL2, so Flak doesn’t interest me. I never like soldier/barbarian/brute/moderate characters so the soldier is out for me. The magic chick looks viable, but Zane will be first for sure. I’m also a grenade hound, so it seems fitting.

I am completely sold on Zane’s skill trees. They demonstrate his character and personality very well as a filthy rich corporate hitman with a big hint of British noble-type snobbery kinda like Aurelia (w00t). I just need to find out about adorable stompingbot-grrl Moze and beastyboi FL4K. I don’t care much for Amara, but hey that is just my preference (I am not a big fan of Sirens).

I’m hoping more for Irish, but we’ll probably know for certain when we hear him speak (most likely tomorrow). I’m honestly really diggin’ on what people are (cough) speculating (cough) when it comes to his trees. I’m loving the defensive capabilities and sustainability he can have.

Bless you, I hope you get over your speculation allergies, friend. Now that I think about it, an Irish hitman is more appealing cuz reasons! I just hope FL4K is just as interesting as Zane turned out to be.

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