Zane SNTNL active cryo damage anointment broken

When you switch weapons the cryo damage stops even if both the weapon you swap from and the one you swap to have the SNTNL bonus cryo damage anointment. This makes an actually really good anointment really frustrating to use as you can’t swap weapons without loosing the damage, even swapping back the the weapon it activated on wont reactivate it so the only way to get it back is to let the SNTNL duration run out then re-activate the skill

It also seems that the while ASA gain 200% damage anointment breaks in the same way where it’ll initially work but stops when you swap away and won’t come back till you reactivate your skills

all of this and much more ( actually all while as active anoints have swaps problems since last patch, some Fl4k anoints are broken etc…) was reported long ago , I personally wrote a very extended ticket to support detailling all the various anoints bugs introduced last patch. But I don t think we will see it corrected before next dlc release.
Feel free to open a ticket at support, it is the only thing holding weight, this forum does not have any value in speeding fixes.

I’ll open a ticket then, it’s a really frustrating bug as it totally ruins builds


I’ll try to remember to submit a ticket as well sometime tomorrow. I should have done it already since this bug is really frustrating, but I’ve been leveling new characters so anointments haven’t been on my mind a lot.

It’s shocking that a bug like this just sprouts out of the ground all of a sudden and doesn’t immediately get fixed. Do people at Gearbox not switch weapons? I miss the classic Borderlands experience when I could switch weapons and not sink my DPS into oblivion.

Yeah like part of the fun to me is switching weapons, especially since the VH aren’t focused to one element a lot of the time so having different elements equipped at one time is super useful, as well as having anything for getting you out of FFYL becomes pointless with zane as if you switch the anoint breaks