Zane SNTNL question

My Question: One of my four weapeon has an SNTNL effect, like: if SNTNL is active your firerate is x% higher.
Do I have to have the weapon in hand or can it also be one of my inactive weapons

Like every other anointment, only active when in hand.

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And some of the anointments like ASA 200 and SNTL cryo do not work even if the weapon is in hand, unless you have the weapon in hand when you cast SNTL and do not swap away from it. There may be some others like that too.

What happens in the case when while SNTL is active you switch away from but then back to the one with the anointment?

The SNTL cryo anoint does not work in that circumstance. Once you swap, even if you swap back, no dice.

This is a bug and should not function in this manner. I am sure they are aware of it and are looking into it. :roll_eyes:

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I’m afraid this might be a stealth fix and this is how SNTNL and Gamma Burst anoint should have been working. Just like ASA.

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@Knuffle You could be correct, but if this is the intention for how this anointment should function, then GBX should just remove it, because only ever using one weapon is a dumb intention for a game in which the character has 4 weapon slots.

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Most definitely. Should also group all the new AS ones together honestly. Like the IB ones. Why clutter by including the different variants of weapons IB has.


@Knuffle I agree with what you said, but honestly I think their ideas and efforts on this behalf come from someone at GBX who doesn’t understand how their game’s damage formulas actually work. Making 3-4 separate, character-specific anointments for Moze, all of which are worse than the generic anointments the game already had when the content was dropped, and which were already mostly bad anointments, just obviously smacks of misunderstanding.

My point is that you have to understand how the game currently works in order to make changes to it. And the understanding component appears to be lacking. EDIT: I don’t even personally claim a huge amount of knowledge about the game, because most of what I know, I learned from all the smart people on the forums and elsewhere. You would think that they could figure out how to parse at least some of the input they are getting though.


I’m so irritated by those extra anoints. The anoint pool is so cluttered now, getting a “good anoint” on an item requires a ton of farming. That’s not counting element, fire-mode, etc.

If feels that every new patch was developed by a different group of people who never spoke with the previous groups.

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