Zane sub 5 minute Trial of Fervor

Since the launch of BL3 I’ve been on a quest to achieve a sub 5 minute Trial of Fervor run with Zane. I achieved it back in the M4 days with a rocket launcher build but since then I’ve been trying to come up with a gun build that could get the job done. Thanks to @bra2ha it FINALLY happened. :partying_face:

Now, this is technically a gun build but … :grin:


Nice run, btw )

I see you down the Orange tree for Supersonic Man, but why three points in Trick of the Light? Won’t everything on the map be targeting you?

Under normal circumstances Trick of the Light :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: SUCKS!!! Because it does more harm to Zane (i.e., slows him down) than it does damage to enemies because as you rightly pointed out, Zane is always targeted. That said, there is 1 reason it’s to the advantage of this build.

The self application of cryo from Trick of the Light, which is normally a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: annoyance, is actually a benefit when wearing an Antifreeze com because in the Oct 8 patch GBX tweaked the com such that it gives Zane 100% increased movement speed while he is affected by cryo. This movement speed boost helps us in 2 ways:

  1. Increased damage due to Violent Momentum and Fugitive.
  2. Increased sprint speed to move around the map faster and to cover ground more quickly between zones.
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Interesting, thanks!

Wait… trick of light always apply cryo to Zane? He is his own enemy ? :confounded:
Or is this because you are using Frozen Heart ?

Trick of the Light has been bugged forever. :unamused: It was @Hexxusz0r who brought it to my/our attention here.

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totl will transfer to splash damage you do and in bl3 any damage you do including to yourself counts as you doing damage therefore u will get self cryod. if u dot yourself it will count as cosnecutive hits and also will activate any skills related to hitting the “enemy”


Afaik, frozen enemies will keep targeting last target
But if you use clone it’s not too hard to make them target him

When you’re cryoed how much speed you loose? And how much gives Antifreeze?

I just retested this and you are right. Interestingly enough though the drone does get TotL because it seems it can’t be targeted either.

I’m not sure how to measure it, additionally, cryo isn’t a fixed value. It’s a range. I think it affects the player in the same way that it affects enemies in that the more incoming cryo damage taken the greater the slowing effect. You can see this in action with cryo barrels. If you are in the blast radius when one explodes the slowing effect is much greater than if you ran through it a second or so after it explodes.


3.18 :wink:
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