Zane the God! Or how to make sub 5 Trial of Fervor easy

I’ve been quite fascinated by how Zane started out as the hardest of the 4 VHs to use and over time has evolved into the easiest; and with the addition of his new skill tree and the elimination of Amara’s fake-grasp, he has achieved his final form as the new God tier VH.

The following is a showcase of Zane’s ease of use and his new Godlike power. It’s a less than flawless sub 5 minute Trial of Fervor speed run where barely any shots are fired!

I can’t take credit for this build because it was inspired by the crazy sh*t @bra2ha does. @bra2ha is my newest spirit animal and I thank him/her for the many inspirations to go in directions I wouldn’t normally travel in the few weeks since I’ve returned to the Borderlands.

P.S. If you are not a Zane main then I encourage you to be as jealous as possible! :grin:

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#stillnotjelous… but thats absolutely hilarious :sweat_smile:

  • are the “Action skill start” anointment and executor com counting as a double nova? (Given me ideas for all 3 other characters none the less)