Zane the Grenadier?

Has anyone noticed the potential of Zane being grenade launching fool with Duct Tape Mod?

I was checking out his skill trees, and there is potential for synergy between Violent Violence, Pocket Full of Grenades, Duct Tape Mod and the Infinity pistol (which we know has returned)!

I’m not sure if DTM uses grenades from your inventory or not, so this may not be as effective as I envision. Maybe those who have played Zane can enlighten us. But, using this skill maxed out with the Infinity could potentially have you chucking grenades all over the place. PFoG keeps your nade count high, so your DTM chance stays high, and VV skill ups the already high fire rate of the Infinity.


It usues your grenades, so 10 max probably.

Ah…well that makes it a bit less interesting. However, I bet if you use the Hitman tree and keep the kill skills active and and PFoG prco’ing…it could work. For mobbing at least

I would love to see if this counts a chance per “shot” or a chance per “bullet” in guns (like Maliwan) that charge to fire. If this is a bug the way I think it could be, we could fire off several grenades with a single shotgun blast. And of course, what could be better than thrown Tediore guns with legs chucking grenades for free as well?!


Explosions. Explosions EVERYWHERE!!!

There is an 8 second cooldown on Duct Tape Mod proccing, so doesn’t seem extremely great. Just a grenade every 8 seconds(though with infinity you can just have one point in the skill for nearly the same effect)

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I am a little confused by GBX stacking a “chance to proc” and a cooldown on the skill. Doing that really encourages infinity builds, or putting a lot of points into nixing reload times if someone wants to take full advantage of the skill. Although, a build that drops reload times to be faster than a gun’s default fire rate would be… interesting to play.

With Zane’s grenade regen it would be too strong on an infinity with no cooldown. Though 8 seconds is a bit long to me.

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Hopefully COMs can boost that, or the anointed weapons can share the effect to make it proc more often. I agree, 8 seconds seems pretty slow for mobbing.

They could’ve circumvented the Infinity problem by making Duct Tape Mod a “first shot after reloading” kinda deal. That way the cooldown could’ve been avoided.

8 Seconds definitely seems too low, but any faster and you could end up constantly being out of grenades if it were too fast

I’m definitely going all in on grenades with Zane. You will definitely have to be careful with the grenade mod you use because between you, the sentinel and your clone grenades will be flying all over the place, and I plan on being all over the battlefield.

Duct Tape Mod does not work with Infinity pistol. The requirement is the first shot fired from Zane’s gun, so a reload is required. Plus tried it… i was very sad when i saw all my hopes and dream come crashing down around me!!!

However using Duct Tape Mod with a low magazine pistol or shotgun like a Jakobs, combine that with Drone Delivery from the “Hitman” tree, and use the “Rain Firestrom” legendary grenade!!! Now that is FUN!!! Trogue would be so proud!!

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found a shock mirv hex yesterday and my grenadier build has suddenly got better by a long way. have heard a few folks say that zane is more gear dependant and it is appearing that way.

it works and it is viable especially paired up with action skill reset on frozen enemy killed. a little niche but if u can do a lot of cryo dmg and find cryo hex or use quest reward vladof nade u might have infinite spam.

If DTM at some point drops it 8sec cooldown, maybe then. But maybe shooting a grenade every 8 seconds is far from being spam really

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Pfog regens deceptively slow. % of 1 grenade per second. I thought it was of total :/.

Why am I topped always then? If it doesn’t work, then there are so many grenades laying around, that pfog is completely pointless to begin with.

That’s exactly what is happening. Just try empying your grenades on one enemy and see how many you get back.
I tried that to see if I could get away with only chuckin nades as I thought 1 kill would regen all my nades, nope

This has been fixed. Zane is a viable infininade toon now. See my Cryomancer build for deets.