Zane the Operative

this guy reminds me of jack’s doppleganger or his real name timothy

Yeah, this has been discussed on a couple of threads. It seems possible, maybe? Assuming that’s hair dye and not Zane’s natural hair color.

Digistructing a clone of yourself isn’t unique to the doppelganger, seems like a pretty common piece of technology in the Borderlands universe. Other than that, I don’t really see any other similarities.

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It’s less about the tech, and more about the gadget experience and wealth, I think?

It’s not like we’d have any way of knowing more similarities, considering Timothy was pretty much just Jack in most ways.

maybe zer0 helped him make a device that lets zane make a clone of himself

But will Zane just stand in one spot and swing a sword, like Zer0’s decoy, or actually fight using the weapons, mods, relics, shields, and skill points equipped by Zane when he launched the decoy? That would be interesting.

We’ve already seen trailer footage in which a model that looks like Zane’s decoy was both moving and shooting- But, thing is, there was another view that had a player’s view from that model- So, maybe you can control a hologram? Maybe it was an overshield effect with the same visual? I’m not sure.

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we all aren’t sure

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