ZANE trick of the Light Poll. Vote and Discuss

  • I use it effectively.

  • I would not use it.

  • Never used it.

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Please share your feelings also on the subject about this talent conversation keeps the topic alive and allows people to relate to one another.

I’ve been eyeballing it, frankly waiting for a COM that hits it pretty hard to see how well it can do for me. I have used it, but not enough to say I love/hate it yet.

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It’s absolutely beautiful if you play co-op. It sometimes works in single player.

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It seemed to work when i played co opnwith my wife but solo which i spent more time it would work for a few seconds if the enemy was on my clone. It was ok. Just i dont have enough points to spare so i can’t use it. Hardly see it work on bosses maybe 2 seconds. Would be nice if they changed it to bonus frost on swap or something. But i. Usually the one getting everyones attention on me and clone.
Id like to have it…but not enough points to splurge.

So I wouldnt use it

I only really like playing co-op, even though I’m pretty good at solo ideas. I just enjoy the team synergy more. I was freezing things for my friend to melee today.

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It would be nice if it was straight extra cryo at a small percentage and it increases more when enemies arent targeting us. I find zane just has weapon damage. Brain freeze isnt cryo damage itself and we only have the weapon swap talentl, a nova at kill skill and a digiclone swap. Itd be nice to have a tiny bit of extra cryo damage just all the time. Id invest in it full.

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I’m using it and seeing it. It works better if the clone is really tanky and gathers a lot of aggro. Additionally it’s kinda funny that the clone seems to get the additional cryo damage as well, if enemies target him.
But yeah, I’d prefer a change like making it “36% cryo damage per active action skill” anytime


To use this solo, one would drop a clone somewhere distant/hidden, run into the fray, swap places, and that should shift their attention away to trigger this, no? One shouldn’t even need the Which One’s Real augment… enough distance should work, right?

Also, if I’m trying a stealthy creep through an enemy encampment (say I let him use the Unforseen Threat and pick them off individually), as long as I keep my shots on the down low, I should constantly have this bonus?

Gonna be honest, targeting mechanics in this game for enemies are wonk to jank city. Which is bologna sandwiches foe FL4K and Zane who both rely on Targeting mechanics. So I can’t tell you what works and what doesn’t because it never remains consistent for me :frowning:

Like some enemies, when closer to some other target (like my Clone or a friend) will peel off from the fray and still attack me, which is fine. Is that what you’re talking about, or is it more that even when you see an enemy engaged with someone else, events based on ‘enemies not targeting you’ are inconsistent?

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Yes most of the time it doesnt work. Maybe they should add a gimmick like zane fades from view for 1 second. I mean hes a fricken assassin.

If Trick of the Light was always on while “Which one is Real?” is active, it would be a must have skill. Right now in it’s current state with enemy targeting being really bad, it’s bad.

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I’ve used it on multiple builds but scared to anymore. I’ll leave it up to you guys on why.

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I’d be very happy with this change, or another way to trigger it. “For X number of seconds after switching with clone” or something would work too. Basically, put it in our control and it will develop our playstyle rather than have it be something which might randomly work or not work.

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It’s supposed to be a tier 5 skill so I think it needs some work. Zane has a few which could do with some work, it’s just that with the Seein’ Dead build a lot of them aren’t being noticed. The main one I’m thinking of is Nerves of Steel which stacks accuracy and handling based on how long your shield has been full. One nip, however, and those stacks are immediately gone.

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Thats a bad talent because a puddle makes it drop. A puddle can make cool calm collected also drop. They really did a horrible job on the trees.

Best Served Cold and Like a Ghost could really do with some work as well. Perhaps Best Served Cold could be a flat multiplier on cryo damage for Zane, similar to Stoke the Embers for Moze. Like a Ghost could definitely improve by having the boost active throughout the duration of an action skill, with an extra boost when two are active.