Zane, two Action Skills, and Grenades

Wondering what you guys think of Zane’s ability to use grenades when using two action skills. Been watching the gameplay reveal and cant say i noticed any grenade use with him when using two action skills.

The HUD indicates that the Grenades may be unusable when using two action skills?

Amaya HUD:

Zane HUD:

I’m thinking maybe you can press and hold RB/R1 to throw a grenade, but that could conflict with various options on certain action skills. Some of his “speculated” skills appear to focus pretty heavily on grenades also.

What do you guys think?

during the reveal they said he has the ability to replace his grenade use with a second action skill.

He has multiple passive skills that allow him alternative methods of grenade usage.

This is an entirely new play style.


As far as I know, you give up your ability to use grenades if you decide to have a secondary action skill. But some of the skills for the drone and clone allow them to throw your grenades. The Doubled Agent skill tree specifically has a lot to do with grenades.

The one I’m actually stoked on is the one that fires a grenade with the first bullet of a clip sometimes.

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That skill seems incredibly amazing with the infinity pistol that was confirmed to be back in the game. Every bullet with that gun counts as the first bullet, seems like explosive fun.


Was curious about this myself about an hour or two ago here:

Honestly, I’d prefer to have an extra action skill rather than grenades bound to a button. I love my grenades, but having a Drone and a portable shield wall/dome… that’s all I ever wanted. To me, it’s like having the bubble shield from Halo mixed with Wilhelm from TPS. It also means one less ammo type I need to upgrade the capacity of.

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Don’t see the point in limiting things like this, but I’ll wait and see.

It’s probably an intentional decision. I’m the first one to scoff at controllers, but if they really wanted, they could have figured out a way to have inputs for everything even on a controller.

You don’t get unlimited grenades with that skill, only if you have them, once you run out it won’t shoot them


Oh that makes sense. But with the Pocket Full of Grenades skill, you can regenerate grenades so long as you keep the kill skill active allowing for infinite grenades in a sense. Obviously the Infinity is a Vladof weapon so it might shoot faster than grenades regenerate, but the chance to shoot a grenade out isn’t 100% so it’ll be spewing grenades every other couple of bullets. What I wonder is if the skill allows you to shoot your modded grenade or if it’s just a regular grenade.

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Pretty sure it’s the equipped grenade. These seem to be designed to give you access tp your grenade mods without needing a button. Thereby making it still fun to find GMods.

As for intentional limitations: I joined BL2 this year, and because I wanted to see ALL the cool stuff. I went with modding and playing solo. Now. It’s dope af to play without a goddess mode Maya, all three capstones (using a double skill point mod) but it becomes really clear fast that adding too much does begin to break the game in weird ways. (Though I stand by my double point Gaige. With Claws looks too cool to not have, but isn’t worth it without both shock stuff and DT at top tiers. Lol).

The basic gist being: every decision to add limitations is designed to make you think about how to balance sacrifices for awesomeness.

So, how do his grenade skills work when you don’t have any grenades? His grenade skills are powerful, no doubt. But will they just not function if you’ve got two action skills active? Because I don’t see how anybody WON’T have two action skills, it’s just so powerful especially with all the synergy. These seem like wasted points.

The second action skill doesn’t actually unequip your Grenade mod, it basically just replaces the function of the grenade button with the second action skill. Your grenade mod stays active and works with your grenade-related skills.

Now that’s interesting…that’s got me rethinking how to make use of those grenade-based skills