Zane UnderCover Tree Nerfed: The State Of Zane

How can you reduce build diversity anymore than one viable class mod lol. GBx was supposed to address class mods further in this patch… All they did was nerf Zane’s “over performance” and did NOTHING to improve his diversity. Hell looking at the forum they broke a whole bunch of his other skills and annoints in the process… Things they didn’t need to touch like Sentinel cryo and barrier Crit annoints…

I was thinking more along the lines of skill point distribution when I reffered to build diversity. As in, the builds would be mostly the same but using the different class mods and they would probably perform the same.

Fair… But with their unwillingness to fix Zane’s broken/useless skills is apparent. They took his only damage boosting green tree skill and moved it to capstone because it was better than their broken DD skill that they still haven’t fixed. They have a tier 6 refreshment skill in green tree compete with a tier 2 salvation skill… They have a tier 6 skill “like a ghost” that is just plain horrible even from a theory stand point… the list goes on…

Idk man. I try to keep optimistic. If anything, I try to see if they will bother reading the in-depth threads we have here or just ask ThiccFila to tell them some easy buffs to green tree. If none of that works, well… we can always wait for the Community Patch.


When I read that they swapped the places of DD and Confident Competence and announced to have increased the damage bonus I thought it would at least be something like “Weapon damage up to +100%” if not more. But 40% is laughable, especially considering that Synchronicity can already grant just as much as a tier 1 skill.

If we got at least some buffs to other skills in that tree that would be good enough, depending on the buffs that is. Something like…

  • Refreshment could get an inherent Ice Breaker effect for ~20% more damage against frozen targets
  • Nerves of Steel should grant critical hit damage
  • Confident Competence basically needs to grant critical hit damage!
  • Expensive Jacket could grant Zane a slight buff to his elemental damage (+15% or so) to add an additional part into the formula that is otherwise pretty much unused by Zane
  • Retaliation should grant much more damage, at least 30% or it should be able to stack

And obviously as NO ONE EVER has asked for this (obvious sarcasm): The left side of Zane’s green augments need to work while Zane is carrying the Barrier!


I would have loved every single one of your suggestions before the 4th skill tree was introduced but adding crit damage to this tree is redundant. It needs a new focus since crit damage was given away

May I suggest something ?

Blue tree:

  • swap back mid-skill and capstone
  • swap seein’dead with seein’ red effects
  • seein’dead COM now increases kill skills effects and adds a 10% crit chance to AS and grenades (instead of kill skill proc on kill)

Green tree:

  • Barrier visuals redesigned as a “bubble” (copy-paste IB’s bubble if needed)
  • Adrenaline now grants fire rate bonus depending on shield state (instead of AS cooldown)
  • Distributed Denial now grants recoil reduction, 5% life drain for team through barrier, and bonus cryo damage through Barrier
  • Served Cold now triggers a nova when ennemies are frozen (on freeze, not on kill - also damaging frozen target, but not self-damaging)
  • Refreshment reworked as melee override - place a mini-barrier around target enemy’s head for 10s, damage is amplified through it (this skill has a 15/10/5s cooldown from invested skill points)
  • Confident Competence now makes Barrier impossible to drop (always handled, with full bonuses)

Simpler than current mess.

still no one would use shockerator doe :d i mean binary system does nothing

This would mean you can’t drop it for you buds? :frowning_face:


As a capstone skill, yes.

Hold Barrier provides full bonuses, drawback is you can’t place it anymore (you have to position yourself instead).

My idea a long time ago was that the shockerator would be a splash damage based mod.

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Astounded that Amara is the only one who gets bonuses to melee. What kind of operative isn’t skilled in hand to hand combat? A melee over-ride - like a mini teleporting backstab, or blackjack thwack - in the green tree would synergize nicely with the freeze stuff - or hell, just a flat melee bonus skill.

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The spy classmod is awesome. With +4 in commitment and +1 in Our man Flynt, it gives so much damage, even better than seein’dead if you spam MNTIS and aim while shooting.

With enemies no longer rocking Mayhem scaled weapons, Zane’s defensive skills may actually matter now.

I know this franchise has kinda operated under the mindset of a good defense is a strong offense with the way FFYL and health-gating can be abused but it definitely feels like defensive skills are viable if that’s your thing.

Been a while since I was on Zane but the other day I checked out the changes to his trees and I just felt annoyed with his green tree like usual. Green tree is still such a disappointment. I know we’ve all been over this a million times but distributed denial sucks and now confident competence is a terrible capstone too. Is Gearbox done with green tree changes? I like playing all sorts of odd non-meta builds but Zane’s green tree is a serious obstacle for me because it’s just throwing away points mostly. Cool, Calm, Collected is badass and I can say I truly love it. Brainfreeze is also pretty cool. But that’s about it for the green tree. And CCC is deep so it’s a difficult investment to make. I guess DD is cool with a big boom blaster, but we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for good things to say about the green tree. It just feels like a beta skill tree or something. Zane’s green tree is the free-trial version and the others are the premium trees. Oh wait, his purple tree literally is a paid tree. How much do I have to pay for the ZANE UNDERCOVER BUFF DLC PACK 1? I know everyone is off doing other things now so they don’t care anymore but man Zane’s green tree still really grinds my gears. I want it to just be decent, doesn’t have to be OP or anything. I just want skills that are cool and rewarding to use. But right now it’s a dumpster with a couple nice things wedged between all the garbage.