Zane using action skill depletes shield bug

For a while now I thought it was weird that whenever I used zane’s action skill my shield were depleted (which sucks all the time but when you get stuck in a boss fight it can really cause a rage quit).
Searched everywhere in the skill tree or weapons equipped for the cause… guess it’s a bug. Pleaseeee fix it gearbox.

Played on ps4 classic

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Check your class mod. One of Zane’s legendary class mods does something like that.


Having the same issue even put on a different shield and it still depletes my shield(non-legendary). Looked at the skills I have on and still has nothing for the reason my shield is depleting and could of been doing this yesterday and I died more then I ever do in mayhem. And today for sure… only time it doesn’t do it all is when I don’t have a shield on at all I can you use my stnl or digital clone and it doesn’t take my health down but put on any shield and it drops it to 0 and regens… really agitating and only game my wife an I play together… best believe I gotta keep her shielded Famn. Thank you please need help.

Again do u use legendary class mod called the infiltrator

The infiltrator is the culprit.