Zane v MT (SPS M2)

Finally managed the takedown on a mayhem level. Yes it’s only M2 and single player scaling, but I am rather happy with the result. The lob is definitely a beast now it has been buffed.


Congrats! :partying_face:

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@studdugie do you think that I can get more out of the build by shifting any points about? Thinking about needs for M3/4


The following changes are about increasing your survivability/tankiness.

  • I’m assuming that you have the Topped Off GR perk therefore I recommend moving the 4 points out of Adrenaline into Rise to the Occasion because the ROI on Adrenaline is minuscule once Topped Off has been unlocked and Rise to the Occasion can help you avoid getting killed by DoTs.
  • Move the 3 points from Best Served Cold into Stiff Upper Lip because Best Served Cold doesn’t tickle normal enemies let alone raid enemies. Additionally Really Expensive Jacket pairs nicely with Stiff Upper Lip to give a nice combined 30% dmg reduction.

The following are DPS tweaks.

  • Based on the weapons in your build the 5 points in Salvation is overkill. Move 2 of its points into Cool Hands for a slight DPS increase.
  • Based on your play style the 5 points in Violent Speed is overkill. The only reason to put 5 points into Violent Speed is when you are doing a lot of jump shooting or slide shooting or fall shooting. So since that’s not your play style you aren’t getting the full benefit. Therefore move 2 of its points into Cool Hands. So now you have 4 points in Cool Hands which is a significant DPS increase and the 3 points left in Violent Speed still leaves you fast enough to dodge bullets.

Other recommendations.

  • Try to get a Transformer with SNTL movement speed anoint. It will make up for any feeling of slow movement lost due to the reduction in Violent Speed. It will also increase your DPS when you strafe and shoot.
  • In the Wotan fight you got too close to Wotan and took some damage. Wotan has a pulsating circle of red light at its base. When you break that circle you take damage. It’s an unnecessary risk to do so. You can get close if you want just don’t get close enough to break its circle.
  • Try to get a Brainstormer variant that use only 1 ammo per shot so you don’t spend so much time reloading, which is a hit on your DPS and the reason I recommend investing in Cool Hands.
  • Use the Boomsday augment when the modifier is not +cryo or when your artifact doesn’t boost cryo damage because it will improve the Drone’s ability to keep Seein’ Dead proc’d.


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Superb advice. I have other x7 brainstormers but this is the only one with sntl cryo atm. K-Ball is gonna get a bashing :D. I’ll keep an eye out for a suitable transformer. I tried with the band, but had more success with the T-former, plus the shock damage from the lob seems to help keep it up.

I play on console and am in my 50s so don’t have the accuracy or reflexes for a more crit based playstyle.

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Got him on the second attempt at M3 :slight_smile:

Your build advice really helped. Gonna farm for some improved gear now. Cheers

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