Zane vs M4 Trial of Survival fun run competition

Hey Zane mains. With all the belly aching and snow flaking on these here forums the uninformed might concluded that BL3 is unplayable and unfun. Therefore I’ve created this topic to challenge you to have some fun.

The first challenge is the Trial of Survival proving grounds. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to craft a M4 Zane build to take on the TVHM/M4 Trial of Survival proving grounds in 5 minutes or less with ALL optional objectives completed.

You must record your run and show us your build and your modifiers. The recording MUST begin at the title screen in order to ensure that no damage or action skill cool down stacking exploits are being used. The modifiers themselves are not important because this is not a world record speed trial competition due to the fact that modifiers are RNG and it would be onerous on console players to have to repeatedly save/quit in order to get to whatever neutral modifiers we settled on. Again, the point of this is fun.

I’ll go first.



I’m already hooked.

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Challenge accepted :smiley:

This was my first try with 4:25 time

At the end i wasted like 30 secs because i didnt realize at first that the adds have to be killed :frowning:

Edit: added the missing YT link. Tried at first with iframe :dukelol:

It seems you are missing the video’s link. :grin:

added the correct link :smiley:

Edit: i only used the kinetic scourge, this can probably be done in under 4 minutes when using a fire element one :heart_eyes:

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Nicely done! But I do have 1 tiny nit to pick.

I am not saying you did of course but I want to be as fair as I can be to everyone.

Again, nicely done.

Ok 2nd try with a time of 4:08 :smiley:

This time with start from loading screen

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I haven’t been able to work out recording for some time, but this will be a fun challenge to try, anyway. Very cool idea!

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