Zane VS mayhem 3 but he does not use any red text effects

VODs and live stream can be seen

conditions: only non unique gear allowed no catpurse ammo refill no glitches exploits or anything of that sort. raw characters abbility to take on the game

so the “worst” vault hunter with plain gear will take on the mighty cov and maliwan corp

wish me luck, i don need it tho cuz zane imba.

Part 1

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My favorite part of the video is you looking at the purple COV, pausing, swapping weapons with it, double checking yourself. I mean that is the true spirit of this game captured there and any VH can relate normally leveling up, but makes it more bittersweet with a no legendary run. :clap:


I was evaling weather i wanted fire rate or bigger shots to break leverage haha gotta try them all i will eventually drop some of the purples to test others because i already know jacobs snipers pistols and mashers can own mayhem 3 even in slaughter shaft good muck or masher will get kills fairly well. Somewhere in the back of my head i am planing no red text slaughter shaft m3 when i truly master all common guns and learn what works best. That torgue bangstick is bae af!

Don’t leave out the AX-88 or Q-System Atlas either if you find them. They are the only Purples I run with.

I have already teste q systems i hate they can’t be elemental in kinetic dmg jacobs will be best in slot. but i will see about 88

Mine are anointed for Fl4k with 65% rad damage with gamma burst active so I think it helps a lot because they wreck.

Flak is generally much better with q sys than zane

part 2 upped the quality somewhere during the streams will be full hd from certain point

part 3

part 4

part 5 lectra city and killoasshole

jesus finally i am back added more gameplay have been experiencing crashes at 4500 bitrate had to go lower, still not a single modifier relaoded

graveward and agonizer

the run is over ez pz

That was hilarious, when you tried to escort the vehicle back to Devil’s Razor. Having that unfortunate game crash then going back to clear the towers where the game crashed occurred, but thinking you were being dumb of running back when you thought you could just fast travel, and basically resetting the entire area again. By the way, from what I heard, is just run through the area with a different vehicle and respawn the quest vehicle at the end point.

yeah sh1t happens xd i hate vehicle missions