Zane vs Tom and Xam

For those playing with Zane and are having some trouble with Tom and Xam here’s my repeatable farming technique video (mayhem10). With a yellowcake it can probably be done faster but for some reason I only use YC if there’s no other way. I use a redistributor and my O.P.Q for cleanup. The redistributor does the heavy lifting so the key is getting them close. My moves at the beginning ensure, 100% of the time that they will be together for redistributor lovin’.
I can usually take them down in less than a minute. I’m sure there’s faster ways (YC), but here’s a tried and true method.


The goal is to only kill one of them so they can be repeatedly farmed.

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oh you can freeze them? that will simplify things. For some reason I thought they were unfreezable

You’d kill them much faster using fire damage.

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I’ll have to give my fire Plaguebearer a run out at them, not farmed them since M2.0 crash err landed. :wink:

As a pc player, I usually just kill both of them, but console players will probably benefit more from just yellow caking one of them and fast traveling so they don’t have to quit out. Other than that, yea the redistributor works fine.

Clone db and brainfreeze cccolllected make it so trivial.

Ur clone with any shock splash if ur wearing transformer. Makes ur clone unkillable. You can split em up n kill em both.

Im.on pc so i reset. But i understand console players its better to fast travel. Kill one.

Pewpew or monarch fire makes em frozen forever and dead very fast

Nice vid though. Always nice to see different useful methods.

Great comments, and I have the PewPew and the Monarch so I will try. The only problem with farming them is I really don’t know what I’m farming for, LoL. Sometimes a soulrender will drop, but those aren’t that impressive. The Obsidrian, like many weapons, simply are not viable in MH10.

This exposes the problem that’s been talked about a lot - 99% of the stuff that drops on MH10 is inferior to what you are using to obtain said gear. Another way to put it is that the stuff you used (needed) to kill mh10 is better than the stuff you’re going to get from them. So whats the point?

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Yes, unfortunately they’re not a good farm any more. The Soulrender was great prior to Mayhem 2.0 but not any more. They can drop the Old God shield but it’s pretty rare. The Anarchy is still really good but It doesn’t seem that they drop it very much any more.

Tom & Xam were one of my favorite farms prior to Mayhem 2.0. Now they drop very little loot at M10 and it’s not good loot.