Zane weaker than the others?

attach images of your build.

youtube does not have any good zane builds nor damage output. i just searched. i’ve tried everything and he is mediocre. i enjoy playing him and will continue doing so but he’s not a good VH.

i watch streams and monitor videos and twitter feeds. i see the ridiculous stuff fl4k, amara and moze can do on tvm m3. i see 0 zane videos. there’s a reason this side of the forum is mostly inactive and almost all posts here are from before the game released. almost all zane youtube videos of builds and damage are from before the game even launched so theyre theorycrafted.

zane is not good. period.

I attached images of my build in the other thread for you.

Post 78 in this thread (seen above) is in mayhem 3 and zane doing really well in mayhem 3… The video hits the nail on the head. Just because he is the weakest doesn’t mean he is weak. He can still handle mayhem 3 trials just fine.

Agree I started a Moze first and while I like her I feel like iron bear goes down way too easy in fights and his cooldown last forever.

the afformentioned video shows him shooting flesh enemies with a fire weapon. this is misleading. i agree with what most he was saying but i’ve been around the legendary block and let me tell you it doesn’t get better. hopefully they change some of his legendary mods around or skills or something. he can’t compete with is other VH friends at endgame

I partially agree there. I mostly use a radiation weapon as its neutrality makes it tear through everything. I’ve spent time to make sure each of my weapons has a different element so if I do have to, I can swap and deal whatever type of damage is necessary.

Try the build I posted. One thing, same as the problems mentioned in the video. Like for cryo build if you face someone who is immune to cryo, youre screwed.

My build, if you get hit by cryo and your movement speed goes to crap, so does your damage. That’s zane’s biggest problem. He has no way to do consistent damage.

He may not be the strongest in terms of DPS but he is literally unkillable unless you fk up big time and he is easily 10x faster in terms of speed than any other VH.

I’m only playing m3 solo and group and especially solo it’s really easy. Movement speed is insane especially if you get Legendary Cryo Artifact that adds +Movement speed. My Artifact also reduces HP by -75%/increases Luck and yet i rarely ever die.

In Fact during boss fights i rarely ever move since the Barrier is broken af especially once you get a good shield.

Couple tipps:

• SNTL damage is a complete joke so don’t even bother using damage mods and instead use shield regen + movement speed buff (Zane is all about movement speed) or disable it and use nades instead.

• Use the dome mod for the barrier and after placing your barrier immediately press E again to pick it up which will allow you to run around and literally be immortal unless you kill yourself. With the right build and items the Barrier has like 80% uptime which is kinda stupid.

• +2/+2/+1 Violent Speed/Violent Momentum/Violent Violence Class mod is a must and adds a lot of speed/damage.

• If you’re farming bosses use the +50% damage on full shield -25% shield first shot Artifact instead of movement speed Artifact. Combined with SNTL shield recharge + Barrier recharge the 50% buff is up almost all the time.

• Try to get a good SMG (best one i’ve seen so far is called “arctic diziplined night hawkin” which is insane(Legendary)). You’ll be able to freeze everything within 0.5 seconds.

I don’t see myself playing another class for solo runs since they all feel slow AF to me after playing Zane with the right items + tree.

btw tree:


His shield is why he lacks damage. It’s basically aoe damage immunity and damage amp and super strong.

If you want to use the Barrier offensively just use a Nova or permanent Damage Aura Shield combined with the 50%+ gun damage and -25% shield first shot Artifact and get as much shield regen as you can combined with Drone shield regen / Barrier shield regen and once unlocked blue Badass tree shield regen.

You’re going to -25% your shield all the time and due to how fast your shield regenerates every time your shield regen starts you will cast 2 Novas (1 from yourself and 1 from the barrier if you have the skill unlocked in the tree that adds your shield effect to your Barrier).

Depending on your itemlevel every double nova proc will deal between 20.000 and 100.000+ damage which is decent. Only used Nova shields so far since damage Aura shields are very rare compared to Nova but it should also be viable.

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Thanks for for your feedback on Zane.
Can you tell me what do you think about the clone ?

Is it not more viable to start full clone + shield after and reset points after and take your build ?

To be honest i started playing using the clone but quickly changed to shield since the clone felt really clunky to me.

I finished the green tree first and at the end the blue tree. While the shield feels weak at first it really started to shine once i got the green tree fully unlocked + decent shield. I also never used the drone until i started my second playthrough. I just leveled with Shield + Nades since Nades heavily outperform the Drone until you get all your points and decent items.

Once your tree is done you can start using the Drone to benefit from the extra movement speed and shield buffs resulting in overall more damage. And once you’re able to use the Dome perk the Barrier is going to carry you big time during leveling especially once you realise you can pick up the shield to gain a bubble around you.

Thanks I will try that.

I have to admit the skill “calm, cool, collected” looks awsome.

What about “best served cold” damage ? It is worth ? Concerning duration, it’s short but with “death follows close” it’s different.

once you realise you can pick up the shield to gain a bubble around you.” You mean when you hold F to bring the bubble with you ?

Is "cool hand"skill worth ?

I do agree that Zane seems to be the most difficult to play from what I have experienced. Have digi clone tree maxed out and working into shield tree and it’s getting a little better, but he’s pretty weak in general IMO.

oh snap so he sucks? ffs …

Seems like Zane is the most gear-dependent of all the Hunters. Almost like the “Warrior” Classic in Classic WOW.

You need the perfectly-rolled gun + shield to make the most out of your DoubleAgent/UnderCover Talent Trees.

Problem is that it’s just not enough. Acquiring the perfectly-rolled Shield+Gun simply serves to bring you up to the performance level of what the other Hunters can do with far less perfectly-matched gear…

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With the nerf to legendary drops today I hope they did not go too far as Zane will suffer the most.

Heh, seeing these “muh Zane iz bad!!11” yells are reminding me about how many people sh!tted on Axton in bl2. We might need another Demonite (or just wait for his bl3 vids) to show the power of Zane.

Oh, and keep in mind, folks - there’s no worst characters in bl games. Only hands that grows up from… wrong place.

Try to base judgements on Zane’s own merits and not compare him with the other VHs. Comparing him with Flak is like asking, who would win in a fight, a grown man or a little spider under his boot? One is so clearly OP nerfs are incoming if gearbox intends to balance BL3. Zane is the most balanced of the bunch. He comes off as meh. Can he get buffs? Yes. Many buffs would come with much needed bug fixes so I would start with those before we start getting out of hand.

Tbf Axton really is probably the weakest class in BL2. It’s just that as Demonite says, he doesn’t suck, nor is he a failure of a class.

Zane is probably similar - but stuck in a worse spot than Axton, because while more balanced classes existed in BL2 (like Maya and Gun Zer0) especially at the game’s release, BL3’s other 3 classes are so much stronger that it seems Zane is the Axton among 3 Salvadors or Kriegs. All 3 of them can wipe Graveward in 2s, clear Proving Grounds in under 5 minutes, all while Zane is struggling to be even half as effacious. Zane doesn’t suck, but its pretty hard to deny he is the weakest class.

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i keep hearing about axton being weak in bl2 but for mobbing with an explosive build i found that he was awesome on op10 against mobs (although i didnt main him, an smg zero was my fun), barely even needing slag, plus there were niche boss kill strategies using tediore.

anyway, back to zane…

just saw a morningafterkill vid this morning where he melted a few bosses but isnt going to reveal the build for another day or two. i wait with baited breath to see what its all about.

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as few smart man mentioned he is very well tuned, it is other charcters that have slightly OP ways to dispatch stuff out of the way. so the answer is yes he is weaker but he is the most fun to play and surely down the line will be rebalanced.Zane is fine in solo and huge booster for co op raids.