"Zanefleeting" How to effortlessly clear M4 content in the most boring way possible

In the first video here I will go into detail explaining every aspect of this build including gear and skill choices and the tactics to be employed with those choices. Then we will go into the Blacksite and complete a Takedown run to display the effortless nature of the build. I will explain why I call it ‘Zanefleeting’ and what that means.

In this next video here. We show just how absurdly broken and low effort it can be while we almost fall asleep clearing Slaughter Shaft on M4. In this video I will go into detail about how I personally feel about the new class mod.


Actually nice SHAFT run :wink:

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And I was about to try a run that was almost like yours. But I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have the right gears. I like this strategy.

If you are on PC I can help with gear. It is nice to easily farm with but I just don’t find it fun to play at all.

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Oh really? My EPIC ID is kbk160008. Those Launchers are needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

“As you can see, sometimes I’m a re- I’m an idiot.”
slayed me, tbh.


haha yeah it’s a word I say in my personal life but I didn’t want to offend anyone.


I had been running almost this exact build before Seein’ Dead came out and was wondering if that mod made it totally broken. Thanks for posting this vid–it confirms my suspicions. :slight_smile: The Ion Cannon definitely helps fill a gap with it, too.

(And I definitely agree with you that it’s kinda boring to play.)

I’ve been running a Tediore-chuck build lately that’s been a ton of fun and pretty effective, but that seems to be more proof that there are only two main top tier archetypes for M4 Zane: Facepuncher (either Heavy or Tediore chuck) and CCC.

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what the hell are you talking about :smiley: this could not be further from the truth

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Yeah that last sentence there. I just, I dunno. :smiley:

Last sentence might be overstated. It sounds like you all would argue that Zane is in a good place with build variety right now? That’s a legit question, as I have only really gotten back into the game in the last few weeks.

A lot of posts and vids seem to revolve around Facepuncher or CCC+Crits (Maggie/Dictator). Seein’ Dead seems to be compounding that by being so much better than other COMs.

Glad to be educated–was just stating my impression.

Well yes and no. The class mod gives Zane a ton of options. But without the class mod, he is no better off then he ever was. So while I appreciate the class mod giving us a lot more diversity for the time being. I don’t necessarily like that it’s mostly effortless to reap the benefits of it, nor that all this diversity is completely tied into one COM, especially considering its a DLC com that not everyone will be able to enjoy.

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Yeah, I get you. Since Moxxi’s, I’m definitely seeing some more build diversity (like your sniper build, which I just saw and I’m glad to see).

A lot of that diversity seems to be “pick all the kill skills up to Good Misfortune and Donnybrook, then do other stuff with the remaining ~10 points.” :slight_smile:


Really well put, I play Zane and Flak and the Flak rakpak mod is a feking nightmare to get until very recently I resented the hell out of it only dropping in the black site , having to do a 4 man solo on a character that needs the mod to really shine wasn’t fun ( still haven’t got it grinding the trial, boy I hate that trial lol )

This in many ways is worse, anyone on the PC out there who can’t get this mod, or any other of the class DLC mods mail me and ill send them one, Merry Christmas all